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Amanda Allen: The Diet of an Elite CrossFitter

paleo foods

Food, I love you!

Everyday people ask me about my diet, about how I eat for performance, competition and recovery, about how I stay strong and lean and how I prepare my food each week!

Like most CrossFitters I could passionately talk myself stupid on this topic. So here I go – a few of my own personal rules, strategies and daily eating habits!

1. I eat for energy and performance – never for weight-loss!

I eat the best food I can get my hands on, staying fuelled and nourished is a huge priority for me. If you have been on a diet then you know how weak it makes you feel – mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s a state of deterioration and breakdown – no thank-you, not me, not ever! If you are tired and lacking energy on a regular basis, check your eating. More (quality) calories = better performance, energy and recovery!

2. I eat when I’m hungry…

I trust my body to guide me, generally I find that I’m hungry every two hours. My body is the boss – so when it speaks I listen and act accordingly!

3. Keeping the minerals & intolerances in check!

I’ve worked with my Naturopath for over four years (I see her every 4-6 weeks) and together we keep my body in balance with appropriate supplements – my requirements fluctuate. Nutritionally I stay away from sugar, dairy, wheat, root vegetables, peanuts, grains, legumes, oranges, soy, processed foods – anything inflammatory to my body doesn’t go into my mouth – simple! I want my system to concentrate its energies on performance and repair, not fighting foreign invaders!

Amanda Allen diet

4. I know exactly what my body needs and when.

I eat the same foods at pretty much the same times every day – I’m a disciplined creature of habit – controlling the controllables wherever I can for optimal results! So my daily feeding habits go like this:

Meal # 1 (5am): Truckload of supplements in glass water

Meal # 2 (6am): 3 short cut bacon pieces + 1 avocado

Meal # 3 (6:30am): long black coffee with tablespoon of coconut oil

Meal # 4 (9:30 – post training): protein smoothie – 1 banana, 4 raw eggs, scoop whey, scoop dextrose, water

Meal # 5 (11am): almond milk latte, raw cake (home-made bliss), green veggie juice

Meal # 6 (12:30): 4 rice cakes & nut butter

Meal # 7 (4pm): protein smoothie – as above

Meal # 8 (6pm): chargrilled half chicken, or beef curry or grilled salmon with 2 cups cooked rice (my starchy carb of choice), green salad; green veggie juice

Meal # 9 (7pm): raw cake

Meal # 10 (8:30pm): another truckload of supplements in water!

amanda allen diet

5. Quality Hydration!

I drink Vital Greens all day long with BCAAs mixed in. Up to 6ltrs per day! Dehydration is a walking nightmare in-terms of undermining energy, performance and recovery! I don’t ever let it happen to me.

The bottom line? I love feeling energised, vital and strong everyday! I want to front-up to my work and every training session in the best possible mental, emotional and physical state that I can achieve! I have a gazillion strategies in place to preserve and build my capacities and energy – food is a powerful tool in this regard!

I’m a work in progress, constantly adjusting and tweaking the equations that give me the balance I need to do what I do, at the level I choose to do it! The magic is in working every one percent everyday, controlling the controllables and knowing exactly what works for me – and then doing it consistently!