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Blonyx Prize Pack Giveaway!

Blonyx Giveaway

Some of the Prizes on offer

As some of you may know over the last few months I’ve been testing Blonyx sports supplements.

Despite the fact I am yet to publish my final review of their products, I have to say I have so far been impressed.

The good news for The Rx Review readers is you now don’t have to wait to read my review because the team over at Blonyx has decided to run a fantastic giveaway.

So starting today we are giving you a chance to win one of two prize packs: one for the ladies and one for the fellas.

The prizes packs include the following:

Men’s Blonyx Prize
1 Month Supply of HMB+ Creatine: Valued at $60
1 Blonyx “Snatch” Athletic T-Shirt: Valued at $30
1 Pair of Blonyx “Big-B” Real Xtreme Shorts: Valued at $60
Total Prize Pack Value of $150

Women’s Prize Pack
1 Month Supply of HMB Sport: Valued at $55
1 Blonyx “Snatch is Paleo” Women’s Tank: Valued at $25
1 Pair of Women’s Powered By Blonyx” Real Xtreme Shorts: Valued at $60
Total Prize Pack Value of $140

So what happens if you enter and you miss out on these two amazing prizes? Well have no fear, because the good folks over at Blonyx have thought of you and provided us with ten $20 gift cards that you can use in the their online store.

We are going to keep this competition open till this Friday the 17th of August 2012, or until we giveaway the last prize.

All you need to do to enter is tell help us answer the following question:

Blonyx is about to announce the sponsorship of several new athletes. Leave us a comment below telling us who you think they should sponsor and why?

If no names come to mind you can check our our current CrossFit rankings here.

Note: The Prize Packs are only open to US and Canadian residents. However the $20 gift cards are open to the entire world. So if yoiu live outside those two countries just state what beautiful country you are from in the comments below and depending on your answer we will try and get you a discount card. 

Good Luck 🙂

This competition is now closed. To find out if you were one of the winners click here

  • Sam Shapiro

    I think you should sponsor Chris Spealler. He is an OG crossfitter and is one of the smallest athletes in the games. You can never count spealler out

    • Anyone out there know if the Speallernator takes supplements?

      • Philip

        Yes he does. He mentioned at my l-1 cert that he was taking protein and creatine in prep for the games.

  • Sam greenough

    I think Blair Morrison (who already likes your stuff). He would of done good at the games and I think he is comming back with a vengeance after not making it last year!

    • Thanks Sam. We do sponsor Blair already, and have some big things planned with him going forward.

  • Shelly

    Sponsor me

    • Hi Shelly. Are you a visual mix of Camille and and Foucher who simply shunned the CF games this year in favor of the olympics where you placed 2nd in the C&J and also represented the USA in soccer? If so, give me a shout.

  • I think Ben Smith would be an awesome spokesman for your product. He might be a tough one to get though, he doesn’t seem like one to do sponsorships.

  • Alex Rowan

    Sponsored Coach – Rudy from Outlaw – His programming takes Crossfit in an optimal direction that takes all points into consideration. Sponsored Athlete & Coach – Matt Chan – An elite athlete that is actually interesting to listen to and can speak to all aspects of crossfit both in the box and in competition.

    • Great idea Alex (and great last name too. You must be a legend amongst your friends). I also like Rudy’s no bullshit, to the point style of communication

  • afto

    Think after you discount all of the MP and BSN sponsored athletes already, you need to go with Khalipa due to his years of performance at a high level and his overall respect and exposure in the community. PS- Being an o-lifter and paleo eater, that snatch T would a good look on me, ha.

    • Jason likes our stuff, but is pretty tied up with Progenex at the moment. He is also an absolute nightmare to get hold of, let alone to get to wear a T-shirt and do the Blonyx dance.

  • Sean Garcia

    Man Brett totally took my answer…almost word for word! Ben Smith would be an amazing spokesman but I agree he is going to be tough to get. From all the footage I have seen on Ben he seems like a stand up guy and a guy everyone can relate too. Good Luck! Another good one would be Aja Barto…the guy is a Behemoth (get it)!

  • Thor

    I’d Get on some of the athletes at hybrid athletics. Or even a full team sponsorship. Hybrid slipped in this year with some girls that had only crossfitted for a couple months. They’ll sweep regionals next year and be a force at the games. All the big name athletes have so many big brands behind them I think team sponsorship is the future of getting your product out there.

    • Good Idea T….and having a male model on the team is obviously a bonus. Me and him in a photo-shoot together may balance things out a little. I’ll give Robbie a shout.

  • totally annie sakamoto, another OG crossfitter. she has a great attitude and she’s so driven, she’d be great to represent blonyx 🙂

    • Hmmm. Haven’t even considered her. Do you know what she’s like in front of a camera?

      • only what i’ve seen from WOD demos on crossfit mainsite, and then the short profile videos they televise during the crossfit games. she seems comfortable in front of the camera. plus an awesome smile 🙂

  • I think Camille Leblanc-Bazinet would be an excellent choice if they want to sponsor an athlete that shows constant improvement and a strong will to finish at the top. Camille has shown consistency in her efforts and it is obvious that she has the drive and passion to win. My vote goes for her.

  • Josh

    Kyle kasperbauer. He’s coming on strong. He finished third and said on crossfit radio that he didn’t even train the full year. He will be even better with another full year of training.

    • Interestingly CrossFit Omaha where he trains is a wholesale customer… hmmmm

  • Tough question!

    It would be so easy to say Rich Froning or Iceland Annie. There are so many amazing athletes that would be deserving of a sponsorship that selecting a single one seems nearly impossible. If it were my decision, and this might be as obvious as Froning/Annie, but my selection would be Julie Foucher. Her drive and fight this year at the Games was really inspiring to watch. I wish there had been more in depth interviews with her about her training because I would like to know more about what all went into such an incredible athlete.

    Her athletic ability aside, she is also pursuing a great career which is also very demanding. I admire her positive outlook and how in the videos I have seen you can always count on seeing a smile. To me, she is quite the inspirational athlete and I look forward to seeing more from her in the coming year.

    • Foucher is also very easy on the eye Jason. The problem we have here is that she already has Reebok sponsorship, and they tend to take priority. Not sure we would get that much exposure? Also, I already tried to give her my number and got shot down…ha!

      • Good call about the Reebok sponsorship. As a CF fan, I don’t always know who has the sponsorships or not. But I agree… She is also very easy on the eyes. From that perspective Camille would be an obvious choice as I would imagine anything she is involved in would get a lot of views, meaning your products would have a greater reach. Same would go for Stacie Tovar!

        If Mikko could stay healthy, he would be a good choice. I am not sure if he is sponsored by Rogue and would be wearing nothing but their gear or not, so… I like Graham, very positive, great drive, awesome competitor, however, he is not the most “vocal” and you tend not to see a lot of him around.

        I am shocked I have not really seen Elisabeth Akinwale’s name tossed around more. I could say so many great things about her and became even more fond of her after reading through her blog. She represents so many great things but is also humble in recognizing where she needs to work and grow, making her more interesting to follow.

  • Philip

    I vote Chris Spealler. I am sure he is not hurting for sponsors, but his attitude and determination has been a big inspiration for me and thats just it. He is inspiring. He is a leader. He is just a cool guy. He deserves everything that anyone will give him.

  • A few of my favorites have been mentioned already, Rudy from Outlaw & Ben Smith – but no one has mentioned the huge dark horse this year – Talayna Fortunato! Came to her first games and took THIRD! I’m sure she is ripe for sponsorship, and poised to do even better next year (you heard it here first!) That Fran-off between her and K. Clever was the highlight of the games for me!

    • Great idea. A big aim for us this year is to get some strong female athletes onboard. THanks!

  • Chris R.

    I am going with .. Dan Bailey trying to get to the next level!

  • Scott Acorn

    The answer to me is pretty clear, Lucas Parker and Jeremy Meredith are a perfect fit for Blonyx!
    – Just like Blonyx, Lucas and Jeremy Are CANADIAN (hey now we Gotta show love to our own country’s athletes!)
    – The both embody determination and good sportsmanship, qualities ALL Companies look for when it comes to sponsorship.
    -and maybe with Lucas supplimenting with Blonyx”s HMB+ Creatine, his beard will grow even more shaggier and more BADASS for the 2013 CrossFit Games!!!!

    • Thanks Scott. Lucas has just been clean shaven. he just looks like a chicken ready for the oven now. Not sure he’s photo friendly. We have actually talked to him… he just picked up Rogue endorsement… i’m going to keep trying.

  • I’d love to see Dan Baily take a shot at it!

    • Dan is sponsored by F3, a new supplement company. I would also love to see him take a shot at it, but doubt they will

  • Marianne

    What about Matt Chan. Maybe if he took your supplements he would be first not second.

  • Nick

    I dont take supplements so dont need to enter the comp. plus i live in oz i would still like to vote for Chad the Aussie 9th fittest in the world Mackay

  • Jay Thomas

    KHALIPA!!! Not only is he a badass crossfiter. He seems super down to earth…would be a great representative!!!

  • Jay Thomas

    Just saw the Khalipa response…AJA BARTO. His last cf video was awesome. Well spoken, and very funny

    • Jay, Aja contacted us and we’ll be sending some samples his way. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • I vote for Neal Maddox and Dave Lipson. Both are well known in the Crossfit community both for there character but also for their strength. Since Bionyx is promoting their HMB+Creatine mix to “Need help with the heavy lifting?”, let’s have some real heavy hitters promote it. I would put more weight on the words of existiong “strong athletes” using there product over other Athletes who aren’t known for their strength. I for one would love to try out the Bionyx products as I’m currently getting ready for my first powerlifting meet and am fast approaching some huge milestones on my lifts at my Crossfit box. Current stats: Deadlift is 505, Power clean is 265 (soon to be 275+ as my coach corrected my form and gave me an awesome cue), Back Squat is 375.

    Also Staci Tovar for the ladies of Crossfit. She represents an aspect of Crossfit that appeals to many being that she is both strong and attractive. She isn’t all bulk and muscle but the physical change in her body and her athleticism over the past 2 years has been amazing. I would love to see her promoting the Bionyx product line!

  • Easy. Blonyx should sponsor my coach, Kylie Lindbeck! She’s an outstanding coach, an amazing athlete (4th at ANZ Regionals this year) and brings out the best in everyone that trains with her.

  • Me cuz it’s my birthday!! Ok ok, Spealler!! The guy has been rocking it forever now and still going strong! Or how about Fitness Lonnie!!?

  • Mikl

    Show some Aussie support, Chad Mackay and Rob Forte to take them on to the podium, plus someone who just missed their games birth Keiran Hogan – then you can demonstrate how the product takes athletes to the next level.

    • I like those suggestiosn Mikl. All great athletes indeed. I mentioned some of them to Rowan so hopefully when he starts selling here in Oz he will jump on them

      • Mikl

        When is it scheduled to hit Oz?

        • Think I leave that one to Rowan. As far as I know he is does not have an Oz distributor yet.

        • i Mikl. Actively looking for an Australian distributor at the moment. Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates. Cheers

  • I think Bloxy Should sponsor me! I just qualified for the Collegiate Championships of Olympic Lifting and I am in need of some help to make my journey to nationals a success! This prize pack and a sponsorship would help me out immensely

  • Lindsay Valenzuela should be sponsored! She is my idol, and such an inspiration for Crossfit Women!

  • Mikefwtx

    Dan Bailey!! He deserves to be out of Fronnings shadow and seen as the athlete he is!

  • Ed Betar

    Kara Gordon as an up and coming CF athlete who has a huge future ahead she’ll be around for a long time yet. She’s also an awesome trainer and person you couldn’t ask for anyone better.

  • Stacie Tovar, throw her a pair of shorts with Blonyx on the back, and Blonyx will be shown everywhere. Not only is she beautiful, she is a tremendous athlete.
    Kara Gordon, Never saw her stop smiling through out the comp an amazing competitor.If you can drive ur body to breaking point and never stop smiling thats a true example of a CF athlete.
    Jess Couglin (Australian Regionals 4th), she’ll be at the games next year and years after that, you’ll be spewing you didnt sponser her.

  • Alex Rowan

    I think it would be a good move to rope in a master competitor as a sponsored athlete, not only would they see more benefits from the supplements and it would bring press to the masters competition.

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