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Climb On! Créme Giveaway!

Climb On! Créme

It’s Monday, so time for another giveaway! This time we are giving you the chance to win one of 20, yes TWENTY, Climb On! Multi Purpose Intensive Skin Care Creams.

As some of you may know we recently reviewed the Climb On! Bar, and found it to be amazing. I’m glad to report that the Créme is not only as good as the Bar but possibly even better! Like the Bar the Créme is 100% natural and made from food grade based ingredients.

I have been using it for the last few months and love the fact you can apply it to the smallest cuts, tears, scratches or simply use it as an everyday moisturizer. I’ve used it after tearing my hands on a set of butterflies and just like the bar was amazed how fast it helped them heal.

Then just last week I was rolling on the mats during a Jiu Jitsu session, when I suffered a terrible kind of carpet burn on my shoulder. When I took off my gi, I saw the skin on my left shoulder was literally burnt off.

I considered using the Climb On! Bar but knew that would be way too painful. So I immediately began applying the Créme and within 24-hours was amazed to discover my shoulder had almost totally recovered. I’ve had burns like this in the past but never have I healed so fast.

As the Climb On! website states:

Every ingredient in this product has an active purpose in moisturizing, soothing and synergistically working with your skin to maintain a healthy balance. The unrefined beeswax in this product serves as an emulsifier, humectant and is naturally water resistant. The high content of vitamin A in the unrefined, beeswax, is a key component in human cell development, has antibacterial properties and has been recognized as valuable and used for thousands of years.

It’s a deep moisturizer and acts like food for your skin in that it nourishes as well. Apply CO! Creme to your skin to moisturize and nourish if you are in the sun, wind, ice, rain, water, chemicals, etc. Use after extreme exposure for moisturizing relief. Make-up remover, cuticle cream, intense nighttime moisturizer, before and after the sun lotion, as a conditioning aftershave for face or legs. Climb On! Creme is a perfect moisturizing diaper rash cream, as a cradle cap lotion or any skin problem that is tender and needs easy application in order to moisturize.

As you can see Climb On! Créme really does have countless uses and at $14.50, this product is so good it should be in every CrossFitters bag. The good new is you don’t have to take my word for it, because we are now giving you the chance to try it for yourself.

All you have to win is tell us in comments below why you think having a tube of Climb On! Créme would be useful.

We will keep the competition open until we give away the last tube. We should also mention this competition is open to anyone in the world regardless of location. So good luck!

This Giveaway is now over. Please click here to see if you won. Thanks to everyone who took part!

  • afto

    I am huge fan of the lotion bar and has really worked wonders on my hands since I started because they were in bad shape. Really would like to try the creme now as a second step in the process to really keep them supple as possible. The knurling on the bar really does a number on my hands with the amount of reps i have to do for my training. thanks.

  • Barry

    I’ve been using the bar for a month now and I am impressed! I will be trying the creme and I plan on using it as a “maintenance” plan by applying generous amounts to my hands just before bed so it can absorb as I sleep.

  • Brandon

    The ClimbOn! creme looks useful because everyone needs a good creme to rub on things 😉 It helps your skins problems too.

    • The Climb On! Creme is incredibility multi-purpose from Diaper Rash, to Moisturizer, Eczema and more!

  • I seriously and very literally spend HOURS a day on hand maintenance. Any sort of rip and I am just out of the game for FAR too long baby-ing it. This would get put to some serious use in my gym!

    • The Climb On! Bar and Creme work so well in tandem it’s a must have for any gym bag!

  • Philip

    I would love to have some to share with my box! …There is at least one tear daily…

  • jane

    I frequently nurse battle wounds am sure i will find use for this product.

    • More uses than even we know from Diaper Rash, to Moisturizer, Eczema and more!

  • Lately after all of the bar muscle ups that have been programmed my hands have been torn up and due to other barbell movements as well as kettlebell work my hands have not been healing very quickly. Would love to have this stuff around to try and speed the recovery and train even harder!

  • Where to start,
    When do you not walk out of the box without some sort of burn or graze. I always have burns on my shins from Deadlifts, obviously hands from Everything, dont talk to me about rope climbs, embarrassing bu I am totally not lying, I actually get a graze on my forehead when doing a big push up WOD, I wear a head band to combat it. But my main use would definitly be for above the bum, Does anyone else get graze from butterfly situps? Anyonee else that gets the bum hraze definitly deserves a tube of this creme.

    • It’s easier to name situations this creme isn’t good for – there are so many situations it is good for!

      • My apologies, i thought the creme would benefit these situations.

        • Sorry for the confusion Corey – We were saying the Creme is so good for some many thing (including what you listed) that it is easier to say what the creme isn’t good for! Hope that clears it up for you.

          • Cool as, Just so you know did Atlas ball levers today. Managed to sustain a graze on the chin. After that was “Angie”. My body is cactus, the creme would be heaven.

          • What a story – Good Luck – even if you don’t win we offer a 100% Guarantee – you have nothing to loose except that beat-up skin!

    • Corey when every I do those sit ups I get two two kind of carpet burns on either side of my butt. Everyone at my box started laughing at me till they all got it as well. I now put a towel on the ground when I do them to prevent it from happening.

      In any event if it happens again you now have a nice and effective tube of Climb On! Créme to helps sooth that burn. Contact with your mailing details.

  • I think it would be useful for tears and burns. Especially after a heavy WOD or a little too much sun during pool WODs.

    • We have some awesome Sunscreen too! It’s dual action with the powerful qualities of the Creme but also an broadband SPF coverage.

  • Dan McDonagh

    It would be better than using lavender oil! That stuff burns!

    • And this is formulated with Love and Care right here in the good ole’ USA!

  • Brian

    Climb on is simply the best skin product out there. I would really like a free tube of Climb On so that I don’t have to go to bed every night with bleeding/shredded/aching hands from climbing every day. Help me keep the psych!

  • I hold the unfortunate title of Queen of Flappers… I keep ClimbOn! in business hee hee… a spare tube would be awesome! x

    • You can never have too much of the Creme! Thank you for your continued support – and good luck!

  • Krissie

    I take my Climb On! Creme with me everywhere and make sure all my friends know about it too. I find good use for it at the crag after a long day of climbing. It works wonders for insect bites too! But what it has helped me the most with is relief from sunburn and reef cuts at the beach! No matter what the problem, Climb On! Creme acts instantly! 

    • You can never have too much of the Creme it’s truly Multi-Purpose! Thank you for your support and good luck!

  • Mel G

    With three games days starting in two weeks the Climb On! Creme will definitely help me get through not only the games days but the training in between, especially this week with my multiple tears on both hands that are now getting worse with every WOD.

  • Melinda

    I have been a CO! fan for over 14 years now!

    CO! Creme is a staple item in our rural health clinic in the Takeo Province of Cambodia. Many of the vulnerable children in our home (a.k.a. orphanage) are HIV+ and the creme is the best thing we have ever used on their open sores (which they are prone to). Of course the non-HIV kids felt left out and now SCREAM FOR THE CREAM at any little cut, burn or scrape they have. I use it on the mangy animals that tend to find their way to our humble abode as well!
    How could I live without it…I never want to find out. What would I do with a free tube? The possibilities are endless!!!

  • L

    As a new crossfitter I’m always managing raw hands after bar work. Nothing seems to help. I would love to give Climb On creme a go!!!

    • ! Good Luck – even if you don’t win we offer a 100% Guarantee – you have nothing to loose except those beat-up hands!

  • Lauren Barros

    I use the climb on bar after I am finished climbing. It works amazing for these womenly hands of mine. I think the Creme would come in so much more handier! Plus why not switch it up?

  • I picked up some samples at the Pipeline masters in December 2011. I have discovered that Climb On! works excellent. My 9 year old is a very busy ice hockey player and goalie and i have used the cream on him several times on his young red clapped skin. It works great and fast. My son also surfs so I use it on him when the rash guard wasn’t enough for his chest.
    Needless to say I have used up my samples and need more.And I will order more. I use the bar on my hands since I am in the medical field and wash my hands constantly. great stuff!! Hope Climb On! is at the Pipeline Masters again this year

    • Hi Corina, We regret to information you we will not be at Pipeline Masters this year. Thank you for your support and good luck!

  • Katie @k8tlevy

    I’ve been thinking about trying Climb On! products for a while, especially now that the products are starting to appear on CrossFit-related pages! I used to rock climb 2-3 days a week, but now do 6-8 CrossFit workouts a week and boy are my hands a mess! I need at least a few calluses to protect my hands using the hook grip on Oly lifts and during pullups, but they tend to get pretty out of hand. I’d love to give this a test. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    • Our products are very multi-purpose from climbing to crossfit, diaper rash, Eczema, everyday moisturizer and more! Good Luck – even if you don’t win we offer a 100% Guarantee – you have nothing to loose except that beat-up skin!

    • Katie you no longer need to think about trying it. We are picking you as a winner. Contact with your mailing details. He is expecting your message.

    • Enjoy Katie – Let us know how you like them!

  • afto

    help! I’m a mess! haha

  • My baby boy has cradle cap and is always scratching at his head. I would use this to see if that would help him.

  • Guest

    think I might need some?…I like playing on bars 🙂

  • think i may need some….I like to play on bars/rock climb…. alot lol

  • I put lotion on my feet every day but they are still dry. I would love to try this 🙂

    • Hi Mary, even if you don’t win we have a 100% guarantee all you have to lose is your dry feet!

  • Ian

    I only had to rip off every callus at the same time to realize the importance of taking care of my hands!

  • Jay

    Because tonights 50 pull ups, and rope climbs have my hands looking like a burn victim. Not easy being a 270 lb crossfitter!!

  • My husband has a Climb On bar and loves it, but that is the problem, it’s his! I need some climb on of my own so that I don’t have to sneak his! The stuff is awesome! Toes-to-bar get my hands every time so maybe this will help prevent too! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  • Chad

    Your tube lube can help my grip rip!

  • Climb on creme – raising the bar on hand care!

  • I use the bar and love it and have shared it with the members at my box and they went and bought some too. I’d love to try the creme and be able to recommend it at the box, too. Thanks for the giveaways!!

  • Guest

    Climb may help the sores that doctors just cant fix

  • Climb on may be the intensive skin repair solution that doctors just cant help me with 😛

  • I live in a faraway country called Brunei Darussalam and as for choices we dont have that much to pick from. Would appreciate to try some out! Just started lifting more and more and oh boy the rips and tears you get from crossfit and from oly lifting. much love!

  • billynation

    I always use climb on when I climb on. Feels great…

  • bill Brooks

    When you Climb On you should always use Climb On… Feels Great…

  • Can I please have some? I would type more but I can hold my iphone with these blisters…..

  • Tina

    Where has this been all my life? I’m hard on my feet and haven’t found anything that has helped soften them. Being new to the gym my hands could use some too! With it being so inexpensive there’s no reason not to try it!!

  • I just want to use something on a consistent basis that will keep my hands feeling soft and smooth! Simple you would think.

    • You found it! Even if you don’t win we have a 100% guarantee – only thing you have to loose are those tough hands!

    • Hi Calogero,

      We’re selecting you as one of our winners.

      Can you email your details to



  • David

    Hey I meet you guys at the Games this year and you were kind enough to give my girlfriend and I a sample of the Climb On! bar. My girlfriend loves loves it now and we both continued to use it. Just wanted to thank you and wish you all good luck with the site. Thanks again!

    • Hi David,

      We’re selecting you as one of our winners.

      Can you email your details to



    • Hi David, Thank you for the warm thoughts about Climb On! and the RX Review we hope you enjoy the creme. Let us know!

  • Wish Wilsom

    Because if im not tearing my hands working as a landscaper, im screwing it at CrossFit. I NEED help!

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  • Just got my tube. Stuff is awesome. At first I thought it was to oily until I worked it in for a few minutes and BOOM. Nice stuff here!!!

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