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Giveaway: JayBird BlueBuds X Headphones to Win!

JayBird BlueBuds X Wireless Headphones

JayBird BlueBuds X Wireless Headphones

With the CrossFit Open coming to a close this week many athletes will either be ramping up their training to prepare themselves, or their team, for Regionals, while others will be taking stock of the last 5-weeks and begin looking towards 2014.

One thing we all know is that this time of year see’s a dramatic shift in training protocols. While some will go back to Mainsite, others will begin focusing on specific elements such as running, rowing, gymnastics, O-lifting and other weaknesses you might have noticed over the past five weeks.

As a result, many of you will find yourselves training solo and not in the usual group setting.

While this may have its downsides, the great thing is you can now whack a pair of headphones into your iPhone or Android phone and go on your long row, run or met-con while listening to your favorite music.

Although, the reality is, using traditional headphones can be extremely frustrating during training, with cords and wires bouncing all over the place. I can’t tell you how many times I have spent trying to figure out how to get those darn cords into the correct position so I could simply concentrate on my workout.

JayBird BlueBuds X Wireless Headphones

The headphones with the beautiful carrying case

That is where the new JayBird Sports BlueBuds X Wireless Bluetooth Headphones come in handy. These bad boys are designed specifically for training, meaning they don’t come with long, annoying cords that only cause you frustration while working out.

On top of that, these new headphones are also sweat-proof, come with an 8-hour battery life and include SignalPlus technology (ensuring your music does not skip). But one of the best features is its specialised patented ‘Secure Fit’, which ensures the headphones stay in your ears, rather than falling out during a set of box jumps or a rigorous 500-meter row.

So to commemorate, or celebrate (depending on how you’re feeling), the conclusion of the 2013 CrossFit Open, we are giving you the chance to win a pair of JayBird Sports BlueBuds X Headphones valued at $169.95!

We have two sets to giveaway this week. All you have to do to enter is tell us in the comments section below:

What exercise would you most like to use them for?

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Alternatively, if you just want to pick a pair of these up now, we have a special Rx Review discount code that gets you an amazing 20% off! The discount is valid till April 25th using the code:


Best of luck!

[Update: This competition is now closed. To find out if you won check out our weekly video news wrap here ]

JayBird BlueBuds X Wireless Headphones

  • Running

  • These look sweet! I would definitely use these biking and running while I start training for an Olympic-length triathlon that I’m doing with my dad for his 50th birthday!

  • Steven J.

    This site rocks!! Especially with all these cool giveaways. Anyhow, for these headphones, the exercise I would utilize them is when I am running miles and miles on a hiking trail and just zone out with the music provided by the awesome bluetooth headphones. I have tried running with numerous of headphones such as the apple headphones and even the beats headphones but they do not cut it. The wires are always getting in the way or the ear piece always falls out, therefore defeating the purpose of even trying to train in them. With these cool headphones, I will not have to worry about that and I can even experiment trying it with some Crossfit wods. That will be awesome!

  • I would use them on any running wods.

  • They look awesome. I’m following CrossFit Football at the moment, so I could do with some loud music to fire me up when doing the CrossFit Football Total (Power clean, Back squat, Bench press, Deadlift)
    Aricle added to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest

  • I’d use the JayBird Blue Bud wireless X headphones for the long hard slogs in ridiculously hot shed in the afternoon here in Darwin, keeping anything in/on is near impossible in the heat combined with the humidity headphones just slip clean out when running leaving you having to replace them after a wear because they are so drenched with sweat that they no longer work. My primary use for these headphones would be when doing a wod that requires music but there is a class being coached and not able to have the music played through the regular speakers. Rowing/ Running would be when the headphones would be used the most but would also like to test them during double unders maybe even OPT flight simulator? 🙂

  • These look incredible! Besides using them for WOD’s in the park, I’d probably use these the most while biking and running while I train for an Olympic length triathlon that I’m doing with my dad for his 50th birthday! I Added this article on Facebook and Twitter too!

  • TJ Mc

    Hoping these will make the rower more bearable.

  • I could use them in open gym at inner west to drown out daves music selections. plus to give me directions while on the motorbike when i head out to watch regionals

  • Definitely use these to make running more enjoyable!

  • mikefwtx

    Running….I can only run about 10 feet without music playing! Blame it on my ADD.

  • Sprints!

  • Amanda Refartar

    I would use them like to test them out when working on my deadlifts

  • Ratty

    At last something to block out the screaming kids whilst exercising!

  • Ummmm, wow! Sign me up! I know these would be awesome for the base WOD we’re doing for our food challenge. Well, we did Cindy at the start and when we stop in a couple of weeks, we’re doing it again to see how we improved, these would be awesome for that twenty minutes of fun 🙂

  • Amanda Refartar

    I liked this article on Facebook

  • Amanda Refartar

    I Google + this article

  • Amanda Refartar

    I Pinterested Pinned this article

  • Amanda Refartar

    I don’t have twitter but am hoping this counts as an extra entry

  • I would use them for running or maybe on the bike

  • Tommy Gianakos

    I think they’re great for hero wods or what I want them badly for, my 20 rep squat program. Gotta keep intense for the final 10 reps

  • Chris

    Rowing! Need something more than that little screen in front of me to distract me while I’m long distance rowing!

  • I’d love to use these for any workout including hand stand pushups……. because being hit in the chin with your ipod sucks!…… just saying….

  • Robin Cadmus

    Best used for long met con type workouts…chippers and the like. Helps to keep focus!

  • John

    Double Unders…!!! Those dang wires get all over the place…

  • I would use these for all of my WODs at my university’s Rec center, especially for any movement that involves the front rack position. Right now my wired ear buds fall out when the bar pinches the wire on my collar bone. This would be especially useful in my runs too! Love the site and the articles, keep up the great work guys!

  • I got a feeling they are designed to do Hand Stand Push Ups! and if I win one, I will show you how 🙂

    • Phil G

      This i wanna see! GOod luck!

  • Any of the oly lifts. I snapped a pair of headphones when they fell out during heavy clean work. It seamed an ear bud didn’t mix well with a barbell.

  • Shante Williams


  • Shante Williams


  • Running!

  • They sound like they get you ready for the unknown… So I would literally use them for any WOD that gets thrown at you… But I figure they will come particularly handy for rowing (I can’t recall how often I had to stop to untangle my cord) and Toes2Bar and any kind of pull up/ butterfly practice…

  • John Phillips

    I’d use them for running and cycling, as well as tough indoor erg and stationary bike workouts.

  • Jamal Grat

    Double unders baby!

  • Jamal Grat

    like on Facebook

  • Jamal Grat

    Google + (never really use it but hey an extra entry is sweet)

  • Jamal Grat

    Reweeted baby!

  • Jamal Grat

    Pinned it on Pinterest. You all Rock. now let me listen my my rock on these headphones LOL

  • Stu Mac

    Box Jumps! Just to prove they dont fall out!

  • Stu Mac

    Just retweeted!

  • Stu Mac

    ANd liked it on FB and GOogle +!

  • Finn

    Suicides! If they stay in for that they’re good to go.

  • Burpees! I need to block everything else out and just keep throwing my body back down to the ground – loud music and sturdy headphones would surely make this an easier task!

  • Running! Constantly look like im having some sort of fit pushing the ear bud back in when it falls out or im trying to molest myself moving the cord around under and around my clothes

  • Kem

    Rowing and running. I hate focusing on the cords of my headphones especially when rowing.

  • I need to improve my running cos I am just so slow on the 400m runs in WODs – so I need these headphones to listen to music to distract me from the pain and boredom of the run!

  • Kem

    Liked on fb too!

  • Liked on Facebook!

  • And I think I retweeted!

  • I would love to have these for running

  • Rodney

    I would totally use this for running YaY!

  • Lance

    Clean and jerks because we ask know they can be messy enough without additions

  • Double-unders. Hopefully they stay in for double unders, and I need the practice.

    • Mike

      When i double under with normal headphones, it ‘s usually the cord i’m doubling undering with!!

  • T-Pain

    How bout Nake running? I’ll film it if I can win

  • Shared on Facebook.

  • Fight Gone Bad!!! This is what we are doing today & it would be great!

  • afto

    heavy heavy back/front squats 3x a week. no doubt. only way to get thru them.

  • I wear my regular headphones for EVERYTHING – running/rowing/biking – constantly varied functional movement done at high intensity. I also wear it while riding the bus to work, while at work, and these I could also hook up to my PS3 for relax time and playing some Assassins Creed/Uncharted Multiplayer.

    Consider all the other things I have to do to enter complete, doing it all meow.

  • Clean and Jerks

  • adam

    Pistols, Box Jumps, Snatches

  • adam

    Forgot to say handstands

  • adam

    G+ the artilce

  • adam

    Hey I retweeted but noticed it did not show up in the tweet count above?

  • My dog and I have been doing more walking.

  • Running, I miss having proper headphones for going for a run

  • Shared on Twitter

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  • +1 on Google+

  • Airdyne sprints!

  • +1 on Google+

  • Liked on Facebook

  • Ryan Cain

    i would use them to work out in my garage. with a new baby, toddler and recovering from giving birth wife, the less noise the better.

  • Chris

    Weightlifting & rowing ….

  • Rowing or the Airdyne

  • I would use them for running. I hate running and some tuneage would make it better!

  • Sean Vanden Heuvel

    I’d use them for some bass motivation on snatches… beast mode doesn’t happen without beats

  • Burpees! Those require some serious motivational help!

  • burpee pull-ups! and while attemtping emma’s stretch of the week

  • tweeted

  • liked

  • sean garcia

    Burpees of course! Also would be great for those active rest days at the track!

  • I’d probably wear them most for running and TABATAs, but they’d be good for the strength portion of my WODs. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway.

  • I have to pick a single exercise? That is darn near impossible! I would use these in the gym lifting, during a WOD, and even at home cutting grass. These would be an awesome addition to my gear bag.

  • I’m new to (6 months) Crossfit, but loving it! I would use these on WOD box jumping, burpee’s. My current headphones/ear buds don’t cut it. They constantly fall out to the point where I take them off.

  • JBok

    Has to be double unders or speed/agility work. Toughest workouts to keep headphones in.

  • JBok


  • Rowing! It is so mind numbingly boring and I am easily distrac….

  • I would love these for days when I work on my Oly lifts. I’m always afraid of getting my headphone cord pulled out of my iPod.

  • Trent Dickerson

    I would definitely wear them if I was rowing or running – finally some sports oriented, wireless headphones!

  • Tama

    PR snatch!

  • pinned!!

  • tweeted!

  • plussed (spelling?) on google!

  • liked on facebook

  • i would totally use these for bar muscleups. hate when my headphones get yanked out of my ears during bar muscleups. instead of using corded headphones like our ancestors used, i def need an upgrade to bluetooth!

  • Jason Brown

    Dodge Ball!

    • josie

      Hahahah DODGEBALL!!!!

  • alison

    Long metcons and heavy o lifting!

  • I would use them during weight lifting and sprints

  • I Like this article on Facebook

  • I Plussed this article on Google +

  • I Repinned this article on Pinterest

  • Long rows (2k – 5k) and heavy squats!

  • Kate

    Would use them for every work out at the moment when I get sweaty my earphone cord clings to me and my ear phones get pulled out or I am continually pulling the cord up to get some slack so they do not fall out, as every second counts this could be costing me those extra rep I need to finish and set new PR’s, would totally benefit from having a pair.

  • Gracie Anderson

    Not having long cords connected to my player would be awesome! It’s fine for long runs and rowing but I can’t listen to my iPod when I’m Oly lifting. Too bothersome. Please send me a pair. I’ll take them to regionals with me if they get here in time! 🙂

  • christian

    I would wear them doing handstand pushups. my headphones that i have either smash the top of my head because the band it has around and leaves me a gnarly bump/rash and for wallballs – i can get all the help i need with those damn things.

  • Gary

    I would use them for Kettlebell Thrusters and running!

  • Pinned!

  • Google+’ed!

  • Liked!

  • Tweeted!

  • JJ

    Everything!!!! my hearing is so shot I struggle to hear the music properly without headphones.

  • I’d love the JayBird Wireless Headphones for ANYTHING CrossFit but ESPECIALLY for running… I need EXTRA motivation/distraction to get me through that pain! Have I mentioned I hate running?

    • You may hate running @facebook-502878848:disqus but now you have a reason to hit the road because you just won yourself a pair of JayBird BlueBuds X Wireless Headphones! We love the fact you tweeted, liked, pinned and google + everything so contact me at: to claim your awesome prize.

      • jealous! Great job Kelly!

        • Not to worry dustin. We still have another set to giveaway this week. Make sure you get all your entries in and a good comment and it could be you next. Best of luck

    • Hey Kelly we have announced you as the winner here and in our video post. I’ve also tried to contact you through your facebook account all to no avail. Can you please email me today otherwise you will forfeit your prize and we will have to choose someone else:

  • Running, jumping, lifting, pushing, pulling, rowing. Sweating in general.

  • Mike Shaw

    Box jumps and burpees or Burpee box jumps either way I need more speed with these.

  • Crossfit and during the runs. I need something to take me away from the pain.

  • Kieran

    Exercise? Rope climbs! Nothing’s more annoying that climbing, then half way up having your bloody headphones get tangled up around your arm somehow, or just plain fall out and annoy the shit out of you on the way down.

    Workout wise? I’d use them in my benchmark WOD; the CIA 7 hero workout. Last month I used my corded headphones and had to get rid of them in the first round. Just the length of the workout, everything burns (even my spleen wants to explode), so music would be great to get me through it during my testing phase coming up!

  • Ben


  • Rowing for me!

  • Alicia

    Rowing and running for me! I hate cardio and I could hide the sound of my breathing with these bad boys!

  • Pedro Portes


  • Running and gym time!!! Grrrr

  • My Long Runs! 🙂

  • Nicolos

    Beach Running. Soft sand stuff

  • Nicolos

    Kettlebell work too.

  • Nicolos

    I googled you.

  • Nicolos

    And I think i retweeted.

  • Nicolos

    Will get the MRs to repin it

  • jkuss


  • Charles Widman

    pull ups. my mental voice needs to be quieted so I can hang onto the bar longer.

  • I go through so many sets of headphones, these look really good – perfect for my long runs!

  • Double unders! All that bouncing around makes normal ear buds fall out of the ear, but the JayBirds are awesome! And the cord on normal headphones gets in the way for dead lifts. Frustrating.

  • YoGro

    Rowing and more rowing…and a little bit of running…

  • Philip

    It would be great to have something that doesnt fall out of my ears during double unders!

  • goodman

    12 oz curls

  • Monica C.

    stupid wall balls!!

  • Kelvin Leung


  • Stu mac

    Sleeping is a CrossFit exercise, right!!!??? naaaaaa – definitely box jumps! IF they stay in!

    • Not sure if sleeping is a CF exercise, but i’d be the best at it if it were!

      • Stu Mac

        Hahah i reckon i’d beat you!

  • Stu mac

    I liked it on FB

  • Stu mac

    And on Google +

  • Stu mac

    And i Pinned it!

  • Stu mac

    and….. I just retweeted it!!

  • Amanda Evans

    I want a pair of these JayBird headphones so i can actually workout without annoying cords! I’d probably appreciate them the most just running! Simple exercise without the annoying cords flapping around!

  • Amanda Evans

    I just liked it on FB and retweeted it!

  • Shannan

    I would mainly use them for the Olympic lifts and competitive exercising. I’ve tried a multitude of headphones and none of them stay in during a workout.

  • RUNNING! perfect for running, and wall balls. Need a push there 🙂

  • Janet

    Bar Muscle ups! So the cord doesn’t get caught on the bar 🙁

  • Janet

    I shared in on Twitter

  • Janet

    And Google +, FB and Pinned it too!

  • Trevor Adams

    How bout a trialthon. Are the headphones water proof. Jokes 🙂

  • Trevor Adams

    Does it count as entry if I tell some friends at my gym about this?

  • Trevor Adams

    I dont have twitter or pinterest so cant do that. Please please please with a cherry on top 🙂

  • Matt Pasfield

    Power Lifting to motivate big lifts!
    Article liked and shared on FB

  • Monica C.

    Pick me, pick me!! pls?? 🙂

  • Razza

    Rock climbing. I would it for those days I head out and do that. When I’m upside down headphones just dont work. These look like they could.

  • Dead lifts and double unders!

  • Razza

    Also like to try this snowboarding. Only question is will they get in the way of my helmet

  • Snowboarding!

  • Filthy fifty

  • Mini Amil

    For sure on the mile runs OMG so zones me out when listen to music.

  • Philip Martinez

    Can’t just pick a single one. I would use for as many as I could. Butterfly pull ups, muscle ups, burpees cause we all know how much they suck

  • Ratty


    • Jessy J


  • Erik Wilson.

    Murph and the bear complex

  • Finn


  • Mike Bianchini

    Running but I really mean walking since I suck at running.

  • lwheiser

    Weight lifting – need something that won’t keep falling out!

  • M_Bateman

    I’m with Mike. I’ll say running with a wink.

  • Soccer goalkeeping training like Nick Rimando!!

  • Also would love to skateboard/longboard with them

    • Jennie J

      Totally agree! Cords while skating sucks!

  • Cycling! Have a Century coming up and these would be great so as to not have cords going through my jersey and getting soaked in sweat!

  • These would be great so I can wirelessly tune out my husband and kids 🙂

  • I shared on twitter

  • I shared on facebook

  • Gabby Sida

    I’d love to go wireless while I’m out running!

  • Gabby Sida

    liked/shared on facebook

  • Gabby Sida

    Shared on Twitter!

  • I’d love to use them when I’m running.

  • I liked this article on FB as Angela Yeremenko.

  • DLs and squats!

  • SoliderKnows

    Box Jump playa. Music playa

  • SoliderKnows

    Liked the JB post on FB

  • SoliderKnows

    G’ed it up baby!

  • SoliderKnows

    Tweet tweet compete

  • SoliderKnows

    To Pin is not to sin

  • SoliderKnows

    Finally how bout I say sisy squats

  • SoliderKnows

    How bout I say Sissy squats

  • running!

  • Madysn

    Everything! But especially rowing… Embracing the suck would be a little easier with these.

  • Brad Sinclair

    Hitting Fran to block out the pain

  • Jason F

    Heavy squats! Every Minute on the Minute. Need something to pump myself up.

  • Ethan Quan


  • While doing hang squat clean thrusters!! Oh gosh, anything that takes my mind off them will help AND having no chords/wires dangling to choke me would definitely help 🙂

  • Timmy A.

    I’d use it for muscle ups. I hate it when i do muscles ups and my corded ear phone come off and fly all over the place and get tangled.

  • Erica

    Definitely while I do interval training/crossfit & training for the tough mudder coming up! They would be soo handy & allow me not to worry about the cords getting in the way of my workout!

  • Daniel Thompson

    Burpees. If these can stay in when I’m when I’m jumping up and down while doing burpees, they would be great headphones!

  • Rich

    Easy… all of them. Let me know when I can expect my headphones in the mail.

  • Rick Goullet

    I am in the Navy and would use these at sea on my upcoming deployment whilst doing Crossfit

  • afto

    I would use them for when i trim the bushes in my yard because last time i cut the cord to my old headphones with the trimmer because they were in the way so yeah, think i need to go wireless now. haha

  • Helen

    Running & Kettlebell work.

  • While I’m running, rowing, lifting and doing wall balls these 4 excercices sometimes become a tough matter for me, so having this JayBird headphones will give that extra pump up that is always need during workouts and smashing those PR’s

  • James minton

    Murph! All the running pull-ups push-ups and air squats . The wireless would be great and I got to have headphones when running!

  • I need something that won’t come out when i’m working on my sprinting and jumping. I have ruined a great deal of head phones while working out.

  • I would use them when I do Fran so I couldn’t hear my laboured breathing!

    • Stu mac

      I’d give them to Fran if she would be nice to me!

  • During my Strength & Conditioning sessions they usually run 2 hours and good music really helps me stay in the zone. Especially during snatches,clean and jerks! No wires to get in the way

  • Kev

    I would use them for running, skipping and bag work.

  • aarone

    Long distance cycling! Helps with the motivation up the long, steep hills

  • Wall Balls

  • Home WOD, strength training, the occasional 5k/10k. Anytime that I’m in a globo gym and Britney or some boy-band is blaring over the in-house speakers.

  • Just wrapping up our 2 month whole life challenge with a repeat of “Cindy” next week. Oh boy, twenty minutes of all my favorite things. Thinking these might help keep me motivated enough to get through the pulls up and pushups. After Cindy, all I can think about are double unders, how nice would it be to not having an iPod/iPhone falling out of your pocket on double unders?

    • retweeted, plus oned, pin it to win it and of course I like it!

  • Murph and Eva

  • I would use them to get me back into working out!!! I definitely need too!!! I would start out with jogging and high reps!!!

  • Nikky Runner

    Star Jumps and Skipping I’ll put them to the test!

  • Nikky Runner

    pinned it.

  • Nikky Runner

    Posted on twitter

  • Nikky Runner

    Liked on Facebook

  • Nikky Runner

    and google plused

  • Nikky Runner

    Even put your post on my myspace 🙂 How else can a girl win?

  • Adam Salanders

    Kipping butterflys would be an amazing test. I’ll even film it for you dudes

  • Adam Salanders


  • Adam Salanders


  • Adam Salanders


  • Adam Salanders

    pinned in your pinterest so you can see

  • Liz Bowen

    row row row your boat! seriously in need of distraction!

  • just liked your article on FB for an extra entry AND posted it to my box! Jaybirds are the best – thanks

  • Brent Flack


  • Mike Lyons

    Wods with weighted pull ups, muscle ups, or dips in them since that’s when my headphones cord always gets tugged!

  • Alexander Torres

    300 workout!

  • Michael Loewen

    I’d most like to use these Jaybird Bluebud X headphones for drowning out my crossfit coach’s incessant motivational comments. “@ss to the grass, Michael” “Com’on! 225lbs push press is for pansies, real men do thursters” and I pass out…

  • Gina

    I’d love to use it for running and tabata training. The water resistant coating will be helpful for outdoor runs when it rains

  • Gina

    I have retweeted this post :0)

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  • Jimmy Watson

    i would use them for boxing or sprinting or just general lifting. I actually had a good idea about using them for football because the coach can just call the players phone that’s paired with Bluetooth on the quarterbacks phone so the coach can tell him through the blue buds x which has a huge range of bluetooth and with the secure fit they wont fall out. Also since if has a microphone so the quarter back can tell the wide receivers when he is going to throw to them if they have the ear buds in as well. My coach said sure but everyone has to buy their own.

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