Giveaway: Win 1 of 2 ‘Beastie Packs’ From RumbleRoller

Beastie Giveaway

With just a few weeks until Christmas, The Rx Review is continuing to show its festive spirit by running yet another giveaway!

This week, we are giving you the chance to win 1 of 2 ‘Beastie Packs’ from RumbleRoller!

As functional fitness fans, most of us should be aware of the importance of mobility. Without flexibility and a good range of motion, you will struggle to reach your full athletic potential. That’s where mobility tools like RumbleRollers and Beastie Balls come in handy.

RumbleRollers have been quite popular in CrossFit affiliates across the world and are effective tools for relieving muscle tension in most parts of your body. Beastie Balls, on the other hand, are relatively new to the market and  are a lot like Lacrosse Balls, but with a number of firm spikes!

Beastie Bar!

Beastie Bar!

The Rx Review is currently reviewing the ‘Beastie Series’ range and will have a full review out early next year. However, so far, I can tell you from experience, they are very effective and aggressive self-massaging tools!

Thanks to our good friends at, who have once again provided us with two amazing ‘Beastie Packs’ from RumbleRoller, we are giving you the chance you win both of these great items!

Valued at over $230, each pack includes all of the following:

We will be announcing both winners next Monday in our ‘Weekly News Wrap’, so make sure you enter before then for your chance to win a $230 ‘Beastie Pack’ from RumberRoller!

 To enter, simply follow the steps below:

Update (12/16/2013) – This Giveaway is now over. The three lucky winners have been announced in this week’s ‘News Wrap’. Click here to find out if you were one of them. Thanks to everyone who entered!

John Michael Bric
John is a newsreader, freelance writer and Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. A contributing writer for the CrossFit Games and CrossFit Community websites, he is the current Australia Regional Media Director for CrossFit Inc. When he's not CrossFitting, he can often be heard reading the morning news on the radio or trying to convince people that chicken burgers, french fries and beer are all Paleo.
John Michael Bric
  • edwin walker

    I like the look of hte beastie ball, keen to try one out on my Supraspinatus and rear delts!

  • Katie

    I like Beastie Balls the best because you can really get at and mobilize any area on the body. It’s also easy to throw in a bag, travel with, keep at work, etc.

  • Jessica

    12in rumble roller. Really helps me get deep in there and work the knots out!!

  • Eric Hogan

    The DVD & Rumble Roller! I dont think i should win but rather enjoy the spirit of the competition. Thanks! You guys are great.

  • Gala

    I should win because I haven’t had the pleasure to use one of these products!

  • Alex Fernandez

    I would like the beastie ball so I can pin point where I want to massage!

  • Todd Hall

    The rumble roller is the raddest, most helpful piece of goodness everrrr.
    I’m always rolling all over it at the gym and would LOVE one of my own! WOO

  • Ricky Pryce

    The balls on the stand should really be able to get into my calves and maybe forearms as well. Can’t wait to win them :-P

  • Crosby

    Because I hurt unless I roll.

  • Katie Bryant

    The rumbleroller saves lifes… of this I am sure! I use it every day! This is why I should win, so I can use the beastie ball and bar:)

  • Sydneylyn

    Rumble roller! My back is so tight from my crossfit obsession. It would be wonderful to have a way to loosen it up! Get me some more prs!

  • Steve

    Rumble Roller for sure. I need to roll daily!

  • Dan

    Have to be the Beastie Bar & Stands for me – better overhead squats, here I come!

  • Leon

    Never used the beastie bar before, would love to have one they look awesome!

  • Denise

    The Rumble Roller, Beastie Ball and Beastie Bar are all best. A combination of all three will get into all those hard to reach places. Rolling is so important when you train hard.

  • Matt

    Rumble roller – it gets into all the scary places!

  • Cup0Noodles

    I should win the Rumble Roller because Santa usually only leaves coal in my stocking. =*(

  • Jem

    Rumble roller for sure! Great for losening my back!

  • Samantha

    I’m an old poler and there’s not one thing on that list that my body wouldn’t LOVE!! But, I particularly have my eye on the beastie balls – with the stand. There’s all sorts of weird muscles we use that beasties with a stand could relax. I reckon I’d get my splits – even over splits with it!! (and loosen up my back for those amazing back flex moves!!) Ooooo, please??? XXXXX <3

  • trib

    The big-ass Rumble Roller. As an older CrossFitter who also powerlifts, I need something lumpy to iron out all the kinks.


    The beastie bar would not only benefit me but also the men and women I serve with in the military. I’m an Active Duty military member who coaches CrossFit on a ship and having the beastie bar would be nice for everyone. So essentially if you choose me then you have chosen 20 people who could use this product bad!

  • Christina

    12-inch RumbleRoller is a godsend! In the never-ending soreness state of a CrossFitter, this is a must-have.

  • Jennifer Hudy

    I like the idea of the beastie bar! I should win because I struggle with keeping up on my mobility and having new equipment would be quite motivating! :)

  • Justin

    Beastie ball and stands to release calves and ankles would be great to have.

  • Jennifer

    The 12 inch rumble roller would be fantastic for after tough Crossfit classes, when this ‘old’ back needs some relief :)

  • James

    The Beastie Balls with the stand would be pretty nice for some of the more difficult to reach areas.

  • Andrew

    Rumble Roller for my lower back I am always battling.

  • Mike

    I’ve only used the rumble roller out of the four items and it is by far my favorite mobility tool I currently use. I try to talk everyone I know into getting one also. I would love to try the Beastie line of products to take my mobility and recovery to the next level, and if it is anywhere near as good as the rumble roller I will definitely be encouraging others to get them as well!

  • Chris

    Rumble Roller to dig into my hips

  • Carah cole

    Foam roller with the stand!

  • AmberJ

    Beastie ball! I would love to dig one of those things into a few muscles after a tough training week!

  • Cordelia Moss

    Beastie Bar!

  • lm

    Beastie balls pls!

  • Alyssa

    Beastie balls.

  • BurtandMelissa Khan

    Beastie Bar by far will be the most beneficial to me as an endurance racer and crossfitter. Why I should win? Very simple….my kids are awesome! That’s all:)

  • Amy

    12-inch rumble roller. I do crossfit and am reluctant to buy a roller myself as each time I mention I want one, my partner says he can get me a PVC pipe and it would do the same thing…

  • Gil

    I should win the rumble roller because I go hard for an old guy and I take long to recover!

  • Alex

    the foam roller would be cool! i got into a nasty car crash a few months ago and my lower back still hurts a little so a new foam roller would definitely help

  • Matt King

    I want to win the rumble roller cause I’m stiff as a board and everything hurts! Please Help!

  • Nicholas Wheeler

    Definitely the Beastie Bar – I CONSTANTLY lose lacrosse balls under the couch. I imagine there is a door to another planet under the couch that houses all my matching socks and lacrosse balls.

  • deb c

    Beastie Balls!!!! OUCH!!!!

  • Jacob Marquardt

    Beastie balls for sure! Time to get into those deep knots!

  • dave

    rumble roller, nothing better for after a session

  • Zak Lanigan

    Rumble roller plz! Could really do with the extra mobility :)

  • Natalie A Browne

    Im tied between roller and balls since I have knots and lower back stiffness from crossfit.

  • GregandDana McQuaid

    Love the beastie balls. Im 45 and just started crossfit. this old body gets pretty sore

  • David Garcia

    rumble roller to hit everything my TP roller cant! CF-L1 and mobility certified and more tools I have = more athletes taking mobility serious!

  • Bob Sawyer ✌

    Rumble Roller is the only one I’ve ever tried and it was awesome. Would love to have one of my own!

  • Brian Lelli

    We just bought a few rumble rollers for our little gym and folks love it. I’m interested to see whats up with the beastie balls!

  • Laurie Jatczak

    Hard to choose just one! Would really like the beastie bar and stands because on any given day I have super tight calves and that would make it much easier to roll out!

  • Shaun L

    I really want the beastie bar to roll out my calves

  • Ashley N

    I really want a Beastie Ball – they look like they’ll get into all of the nooks and crannys in my shoulders and back!

  • Dee

    I’d love a Beastie Ball – definitely a requirement to get into those sore bits!

  • jess k

    Rumble Roller – but black!!

  • Steven Cooper

    I think I would benefit from the Beastie Ball the most. I’ve used the Rumble Roller at my Box, but think the Ball would help with knots in my upper back.

  • Maya Lourenço Levin

    Love the roller. It’s easy to use and is an everyday tool.

  • Jo

    Id love a beastie ball. I have an original rumble roller – it’s amazing and I utilize it daily. I use a lacrosse ball currently but the beastie looks like it would get right into those knotty bits and smash them into submission!!!

  • Annie Giddens

    Rumble roller!!

  • Wes

    Rumble Roller

  • Tstorms

    Rumble Roller – I have a chronically tight lower back, hamstrings and glutes. I think the rumble roller would help break up some of the adhesions better than a normal foam roller.

  • Tanya

    Would love to try the beastie bar.

  • Corey

    Rumble roller, I’m looking to get one, this would be a great Xmas present for me!

  • Andrew MacDonald

    Rumble roller as my old foam roller has seen better days I am just new to crossfit and I could make good use of this product cheers merry Christmas

  • Khada

    I would love to watch the SMR tips DVD as it would help out my mobility class I do on weekends at Crossfit 6330!

  • Rachel Franks

    Would love the rumble roller! My body just so totally neeeeeds this!

  • David Barrett

    Would love to see this dvd to learn some new tips and tricks with mobility and flexibility :)

  • Tama

    The best way to mobilize!! Rumble roller I love you… And those spiky bundles of joy would just complete me..

  • disqus_9s32wLtC8a

    Rumbleroller!!! So handy to take anywhere with you! !

  • Chris Rosalak

    Im a mobility nightmare and need all the help I can get!

  • Dean Saunders

    I’ve used the rumble roller once and have craved it ever since! Normal rollers just dont match up

  • clo clo

    RUMBLE TIME!!!!!

  • Chris B

    The rumble roller!!!
    I love mine so much it’s starting to wear out

  • Michael

    Rumble roller

  • Len Coonan

    Rumble Roller, that just looks like it can deliver to all the right places.

  • Eric Hogan

    I have never used one before but would be willing to give it a try.

  • Katie

    Very excited about the beastie bar and stands! Look amazing1

  • Marty Hearne

    I’ll always go for the rumble roller when rolling out before a workout for the more aggressive feel but am keen to get my hands on the Beastie Bar and stands to help with what is now chronic tendonitis problems in my elbows. Got to keep those forearms supple! I’m 40 now and have an opportunity to do well in masters weightlifting but this is holding me back. Time to ramp up the mobility, winning this will give me the gear I need to roll out every night.

  • jess f

    I always work out in Beast mode so maybe I can roll out in Beast mode with a Beastie Pack!


    Pretty sure I would use this DAILY!

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  • John Michael Bric

    This giveaway is now over! Thanks to everyone who entered. The lucky two winners have been announced in this week’s News Wrap:

  • rusty hellen

    me me me pick me rusty hellen

    • John Michael Bric

      Sorry Rusty! You missed out this time, but we still have plenty more giveaways to run. Keep checking the site to enter!