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Kevin Ogar Suffers Serious Injury at OC Throwdown

Kevin Ogar

Kevin Ogar Recovering in Hospital (ryryshultz’s photo on Instagram)

The 2014 OC Throwdown wrapped up over the weekend, but unfortunately one of the talking points of the event has been the serious injury suffered by Kevin Ogar.

Ogar suffered a significant spinal cord injury during a snatch event on the final day of competition. He was immediately taken to hospital where is currently being treated for.

According to his friends at Barbell for Boobs, Ogar suffered a separated T11/12 and has severed his spinal cord. At this stage it’s being reported he has no voluntary movement below his waist.

Here’s what Barbell for Boobs posted on Facebook shortly after the accident:

“We may be at the OC Throwdown right now, but our heads and hearts are with friend of BFB Kevin Ogar at the hospital. He took a spill in the snatch session today and is in rough shape. Think, pray, hope and wish for a quick recovery for our friend Kevin.”

A number of CrossFit Games competitors have also posted messages of support on social media, including Elisabeth Akinwale and Talayna Fortunato.

Kevin Ogar

Elisabeth Akinwale’s Facebook Page

Unfortunately, like many athletes across the world, Ogar is uninsured. To help offset his medical bills, a fundraising page has now been set up. At the time this article was published, more than $60,000 had been raised with more than 900 people donating.

If you want to show your support, you can find the Fundly page by clicking here.

To keep up to date on Kevin Ogar’s condition, you can follow Barbell for Boobs Facebook page which can be found here.

We at The Rx Review wish Kevin Ogar all the best in his recovery, and our thoughts are with him and his family.

UPDATE (January 15, 2014): The Official Fundraising website for Kevin Ogar is now up. You can click here to donate to help his path to recovery.

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  • God CrossFit is terrible.

    • ryan

      oh piss off. no more dangerous than me hitting triples on my dirt bike.

      • dougy

        Do you knip your triples to?

        • Surely you mean “too”?

          • Beef

            Oh wow, sick burn! You totally corrected his spelling! Smashing stuff! Nice one! Hahaha OWN’D dougy! You’ve been served! This Darren Hughes corrected you! He made a comment just to do that too! Bet you’re devastated huh? Nice one anyway Darren, big props! You tell them. You. Fucking. Tell. Them.

        • squeeg

          What’s a knip? You mean “kip?” On that note, you’ve ever seen someone on uneven bars?? CF didn’t invent the kip. It’s gymnastics, jackass. Also, we aren’t like you and we don’t want to be like you. Why so much hate because everyone has figured out that your workout is boring and less functional? Some people care more about actual fitness than staring at themselves in the mirror for hours. It’s a good thing nobody gets injured in the big box gym… Right??

      • ffffffffffffffffffffffff

        you have autism

      • You know your training regiment is crap when it is comparable to dirt bike injury prevalence.

  • EFS

    Lol. Crossfit. Avoid the fad, kids.

    • Dustin

      Fad…CrossFit has been around since 92..

      • Skyler

        Crossfit is not a sport. Olympic Lifting however, is.

        • Dustin

          Its actually technically called “weight lifting” not olympic lifting if you wanna get all smart ass. Americans started calling it oly lifting bc too many idiots were confusing it with power lifting. If you want to refer to it as a “sport” the proper termis weight lifting jus to clarify. As for CrossFit not being a sport….”an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” This is actually the definition of sport. How is it that CrossFit does not fall in this category again?

          • Darufus

            Whipping out the definition of sport, oh boy, he got you there.

            Speaking of whipping something out, I’m going to go bring this definition to my town mayor. I knew that my friends Circle Jerking competitions could be a sport! Maybe I’ll tell my my morbidly obese friends that if I were to document their struggles of getting out of chairs and put it on Youtube, they’d be a hoot! They could get together and have little competitions. Would that be a sport too?

            Just because something has the possibility of becoming a sport, doesn’t mean it should be. Watching these Crossfit “Professionals” injure themselves due to poor form should be guffawed at, not looked up to.

          • Michael

            The problem with your assessment is that typically in any real sanctioned sport there are professionally trained athletes. There are a TON of Crossfit gyms (aka box as the sheep like to say) that have sprouted up over the last 5 years. Not all of them are run by knowledgeable, responsible people who know how to train people properly. Some potential “athletes” are just people who have never seriously trained before but were talked into it by friends. You cannot deny this, there is overwhelming amounts of examples of people attempting to perform extremely difficult olympic lifts without mastering the basics of form, or even building their core strength to the point where they can do the movement without any serious weight. It is irresonsible and foolish the way so many people are getting injured. Crossfit is a marketing phenomenon that has attracted a ton of dedicated and great athletes. It has also attracted a ton of novice wannabe weight lifters who are nowhere near ready to do olympic lifting, or many of the WODs.

  • AMZ

    Yes, good goy, pay $200 a month to injur yourself with terrible form.

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  • Tyson Flexx

    Shoulda done SS+GOMAD phaggot, have fun in snap city bruh

  • Dustin

    Attention all uneducated morons: CrossFit literally is a Professional sport. Guys get seriously injured daily in the NFL, NBA, and every other pro sport that exists. There are tons of MLB players with really shitty form batting and throwing but noone says anything about that? Why? Simply bc you understand that pro athletes knowingly take serious risks to compete at extremely high levels to entertain you fatasses that eat shot n sit on the couch all day. This man knew the risk involved and was an example of a very unfortunate accident. CrossFit as a sport cannot be generalized as “CrossFit” as a whole. I own and operate a CrossFit box and we do not train any of our members as if they are competitors. We also specialize in Corrective Exercise and injury rehab. Now I know ill get 30 replys to this with all of ur fat ass uneducated opinions. I only warn you to ask urself first “have I ever actually tried CF and do I actually have any knowledge what so ever about fitness?” This was a terrible injury suffered during a professional competition. It doesn’t mean plp need to stay away from CF. When that NBA player snapped his bone out of his leg in a freak accident did you go rip down ur basketball goal from ur driveway? Don’t flatter yourself into thinking you could ever be compared to the elite level of those athletes. We are mearly average plp compared to them.

    • disqus_4gtF1bJA0y

      I would destroy you in the gym, an MMA challenge, a boxing match, spiritually and physically. You cannot compete with my greatness. You are average compared to them athletes, and Cross Fit competitors are average to me. You are an uneducated neophyte to the world of fitness and spiritual health. Take a seat!

      • Dustin

        Lmao ok ok I’m sry. Didnt realize I was going to upset the equivalent of a 10 year old. Daddys logging off n going to bed fella go take ur meds n peace

      • canttouchgreatness

        ha sound like my egotiscal self , who love to wag my dick around , cant touch greatness, pffft damn democratic mentality , you dont see me begging $$ and i have cancer , fight that shit , and do i go running to a “community ” or have a fund set up on my behalf , FUCK NO!!!! tooo bad his money maker is shot ,

        • disqus_4gtF1bJA0y

          My comment was merely a reflection of your stupidity. The image hurts doesn’t it?

    • Helge

      No, Crossfit is not “literally” a professional sport. It’s a get-rich-quick fad for incompetent, amoral coaches to run terrible gyms and teach unsuspecting people dangerous, textbook incorrect poor weightlifting form.

      • Dustin

        Lol I love pissin you plp off, makes my day peace to ya I’m out.

      • michelle

        Have you ever done a single WOD? Do you know what that even stands for? Better yet, have you attempted to perform a Hero WOD? I’m guessing NO, based on your idiotic comments. Please go back to your local 24hr fitness & jump on a machine because you don’t belong amongst a discussion about Crossfit.

    • Ramrod

      He was not a Pro anything… NFL, MLB, NBA and so on.. All have insurance and make Millions.

      • Luna


  • 812$th

    Another reason why crossfit is a bunch of garbage. I think they should learn how to properly execute the O lifts and use proper rep and set routines not the idiot shit they do. Real athletes don’t train that way, it destroys your body and prepares you for injury not durability!

    • squeeg

      He wasn’t even doing a WOD, you jackass. He was doing 3RM snatches. I take it that no bodybuilder has ever been injured performing a snatch?? Also, we do teach proper form in CF. That isn’t to say that every single coach understands proper form, but there are many VERY responsible CF classes out there. Just because you couldn’t hack it is no reason to hate on it. Sorry you didn’t have the stamina, bro 😛

      • guyfly

        I may not have the stamina you do and can’t bash that portion of it. But I am most definitely stronger than you.

        As a side note for that “being for the birds”, tell that to vintage Arnold. I bet he’d giggle at crossfit in his prime.

        That being said, I merely think there are ways to minimize this kinda risk. I don’t care how people want to get in shape, just be safe. Pulling for this guy. So sorry to hear about the injury.

      • Technical lifts are never supposed to push your stamina. That’s part of the problem.

        • michelle

          “Technical lifts are never supposed to push your stamina”?! What rock have you lived under your whole life?! Don’t talk shit about a subject that you OBVIOUSLY know nothing about. Also, what exactly would YOU have don’t different? Oh wait, my bad. You can’t answer that because your ass wasn’t in the competition. Bam. Shut your piehole.

          • There are many ways to push stamina that won’t severe your spinal cord when you start fatiguing.

            Functional use of technical lifts is for explosive force development, which definitely has application. Of course, Crossfit isn’t using them to apply to anything other than the movement itself.

          • SlayerofBodom

            Michelle, not only are you a complete moron (which might be excusable if you were at least humble about it), but you are a very arrogant one who thinks she knows everything.

            And yet, you are ignorant of one of the most basic elements of exercise. Deadlifts, squats, and Olympic lifts are ALWAYS meant to be done for low reps.

            Doing them for high reps, and to failure (which Crossfit advocates) is extremely dangerous for the muscles and joints. Not only is that type of strain not meant for humans to take on a regular basis, but form necessarily degrades at those higher reps, and that’s when the REALLY bad injuries, like what Mr. Ogar suffers.

            And you talking shit like an immature teenage asshat on here is a major disservice to Kevin Ogar, incidentally.

  • Ben

    Hope he sues the organisers as well. Irresponsible idiots

  • Ash

    Who gives a rat’s a** what your opinion is on CrossFit??? This man suffered a life changing injury and he needs support and prayers, not this bickering bullshyt.

  • George

    I’ve seen videos of kevin performing various lifts… his form is horrendous most of the time. And I blame the “trainers” that have been with him through the years. Olympic lifts are VERY complex movements, and in my opinion they should be performed only by professionals… especially at heavy weights.

    • Jonesy

      LOL… how do professionals become professional? are they born that way?

  • André Faria

    I really hope you can let go of all this passion and get a little
    rational about it. I understand the joy that this activity must have
    brought into your lives, but there’s no aguing with an image like this.

  • SmartJock33

    That sucks. Olympic lifting isn’t something you jump into. It takes a lot of time and preparation to do it properly. That’s why I don’t touch it. There are better and safer exercises in place of them.

  • Neon

    “Unfortunately, like many athletes across the world, Ogar is uninsured.” Actually in most developed countries, there’s national health insurance. And if you’re an athlete in the US competing without insurance, that’s asking for trouble. Spinal injuries are extremely rare, but acl tears, Achilles ruptures, broken arms, etc, are much less so, and are quite capable of bankrupting you if you’re uninsured.

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  • Sage

    I am sorry to hear about Kevin’s injury. It is true that horrific injuries can happen in every sport. I am an ex-CrossFitter for a reason– although I loved some of the CrossFit WODs, I observed horrible form during exercises by participants, and ended up with extreme muscle soreness when I thought I had good form, most likely verging on rhabdo. That’s why I quit. There are other ways to stay fit and healthy, and for me the risks of injury at my age were not worth it. In my humble opinion CrossFit should integrate more focus on form rather than speed, and also address target heart rates and how heart rate during exercise impacts fitness level. I wish Kevin a full recovery and hope all of you Crossfitters out there pay attention to your form and limits.

  • satan

    God bless man. God bless…

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