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Review: AdiPower Weightlifting Shoes

AdiPower Weightlifting Shoes

This week we take a moment to review a very popular shoe among CrossFitters, the AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe by Adidas.

Item: AdiPower Weightlifting Shoes

Retailer: Adidas 

The brand name Adidas has long been speculated as being an acronym for “all day long I dream about sports.” Or if you’re a Korn fan replace “sports” with “sex.” For me, I’m swapping in “shoes.” I am a girl after all, and like most of my female friends, footwear is always on my mind.

Knowing my unhealthy obsession, Shane did what any good husband should do and enabled me this past December on my birthday. (Note: I only encourage enabling addictions when they involve shoes and ice cream. Cocaine and heroine–not so much.)

There has long been a recurring joke in my family (all families, maybe?) that when you’re opening a gift that could in no way be shoes (for example, a jewelry box), we say “Is it shoes?”

Well, now I just kind of say it with all gifts because it makes me laugh–and really, isn’t that’s what most important? (Hint: Yes.) But the joke kind of ruins it for the gift giver when it actually is shoes. So note to self–go back to limited usage.

Still, the joke didn’t ruin it for me when I opened my brand-spanking new pair of beautiful (yet big…I have huge feet as discussed in my Minimus 10 Review) Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoes. Throughout the weeks leading up to my birthday, I’d been dropping not so subtle hints about needing (or wanting) weightlifting shoes. Still, I didn’t expect to get them. But I did…yay, Shane!

AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe Back

The Good

Solid: I guess I should first clarify that I don’t really consider myself an O-lifter; however, I prefer weightlifting to MetCons or just about anything that involves running. I also have my CF Oly Certification, but even with this I’m still guilty of swaying knees when I squat, a greater need of hip flexibility, and rocking my weight into my toes instead of staying in my heels. These are constantly in mind when I approach the bar, but in the AdiPowers, the corrections in part came from the shoes.

The base is rock hard sturdy. In fact, when I first put them on, it felt similar to walking in ski boots. Having only lifted in Minimus and other various cross trainers, I was concerned about the AdiPowers being too solid. I figured it would take me weeks to break in, but within a couple of O-lift days, I was good to go. My foot felt planted throughout my lifts and my ankle rolling and heel lifting became a thing of the past.

Versatile: Compared to the Reebok CrossFit Lifter (which I don’t have but is popular at my box), I thought I’d only be able to wear my AdiPowers strictly for O-lifting. While I wouldn’t want to run in them (or run in general), I did find that I wasn’t as limited as I thought I’d be. In fact, rowing and pistols (or my bastardized scaled version of pistols) in them is all kinds of awesome.

Fit: I’m just gonna say it–snug as a bug in a rug. On day one of trying these on — which for the visual was me a few glasses of wine in wearing PJs and red lifting shoes — I would’ve listed the fit as a negative. Having humungo feet, I’m constantly worried about fit.

The AdiPowers are said to run narrow and this worried me. I thought I’d have to send them back and get a men’s size–ugh! The ultimate shamefest. But instead I tested them out with the tags on and by the end of the WOD was confident enough to break out the scissors.

The narrowness is more the shoe stabilizing your foot. The tongue has a neoprene backing which stays put beneath the shoe laces and velcro. Bottom line: You don’t want a lot of wiggle room when you’re picking up heavy things and putting them down.

AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe Bottom

The Bad

Size: It’s less of a bad, and more of a good to know, but the AdiPower sizes run a tad small for these shoes. Also, good to know is that there are no women’s sizes. So girls, order a 1.5 size smaller. Yes, that sort of contradicts what I said about the shamefest, but trust me, I know where traditional women’s sizes end.

Price: I could pretend like I don’t know how much the shoes cost since they were a gift, and it would be impolite to ask. But when you get married and share a bank account, the mystique is kind of lost.

So come January when the credit card bill comes rolling in, I was all, “Holy damn, $200! Who spent that without consulting the budget?” But I quickly retracted that question when I realized it was for me…and I’m worth it. (Half-kidding, there was a glimmer of guilt involved.) If you’re not worth it, you might want to look into cheaper shoes — or save up.


In the great words heard occasionally on Wall Street (not much lately given the economy): Buy, buy, buy! Or better yet, get them as a gift and get someone else to buy, buy, buy–preferably someone who doesn’t share your bank accounts.

AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe Top

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  • afto

    Best wl shoe on the market right now. Can get 20% off on eastbay if you time it right.

  • Thomas White

    Sweet shoe, but a little pricey!

  • RichSFit

    I have both the Nike Romaleos 2 and now the Adi Power WL shoes. I have had the Nike’s for 4 months and I really do love them. But! Being the male shoe whore that I am I had to try these hot rod Adidas WL shoe. I got mixed reviews on what was better from 2 coaches at my box in NYC (CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen) One said the Nike’s were better than anything else and the other in hushed tones said he could not do with out the Adidas. So after trying the Adidas for a week now it’s in my opinion that they are the victor! My foot does not move in this shoe. I had a slipping problem in the Nike’s and believe me they were not big my toe was at the top of the shoe. The Neoprene in the Adidas is excellent and i believe they are 30grams lighter than the Nike’s. All in all this shoe is sick (good) and runs true to Adidas running shoe size. If your having trouble with sizing go to your local running shoe store and size up there. You will fit in that exact size of these shoes. Hope this helps and sorry for the length I just can’t get enough of this shoe.

  • JenisFit

    I was going to get the Reebok but think I will now go with these.

    • afto

      good call

    • afto

      good call man

  • james90

    Do the world a favor and stop calling it oly or O-lifting……its Weightlifting

    • Adam

      I don’t know if its just me but there is a huge difference between the two. Weightlifting is simple in comparison, isolated. Any dummy can pick up a weight and curl it a few times and they would be weightlifting. “Oly” or Olympic lifting pertains two particular exercises: the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Two exercises that take skill, practice, and is a full body lift. These shoes are primarily designed to assist with olympic moves.. Sometimes it helps to educate yourself before opening your mouth. Guess you don’t do much lifting

      • idontevenlift

        actually, he’s right. oly, o-lifting, or olympic weightlifting, as you know it, is more simply called weightlifting. phrases such as “oly lifting” primarily come from the crossfit community. and he left that comment a year ago, don’t be so quick with the hostiity.

  • Philip

    Have you guys had a chance to try the new inov-8 lifters?

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  • Cameron

    How do these compare for sizing vs. the Nano 2.0s? Looking to pick up a pair, but not sure what size to get.

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  • tuan

    Hi! Michael!
    I’m still not sure about the sizing before purchasing!
    So quick question:
    27.5 cm long – 11.5 cm wide feet will fit in 9.5 or 10 in US size chart.
    it takes 4 weeks to get to where i live so return is huge nuisance.

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