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Review: Carrie Reviews Three lululemon Tank Tops

lululemon Cool Racerback Front

The lululemon Cool Racerback

lululemon Top Talk

Pop quiz: What’s better than one Lululemon athletic top? Stumped? It’s two Lululemon athletic tops!

And if two is better than one, than three has got to take the cake (yes…it’s Paleo. You can have a piece).

That’s right, boys and girls—more so, girls—I bring you three Lululemon top reviews for the price of one (emphasis on reviews—not the tops!).

Just think of all the free time I just saved you so that you can now spend more time doing burpees, rope climbs, and pull-ups! (You can thank me later.)

The three tops I tried were the Optimal Tank, the Scoop Me Up Tank, and the Cool Racerback. Of the three tops, Optimal and Scoop Me Up were built with support in mind.

The girls were held in place well and didn’t turn into a jiggly, painful mess when running. And that was all top—no extra sports bra required (TMI? Sorry.). The Racerback, on the other hand, does not have a built in bra of any kind, but it still topped (pun intended) my list as one of my favorites to wear for CrossFit.

Instead of breaking down the goods and bads of each top as we usually do here at The Rx Review, I’ve created some award categories for each of the nominees.  Just think of me as the Academy of Tank Top Reviews. And the winners are:

lululemon Scoop Me Up Tank Side

lululemon Scoop Me Up Tank

Best Color Options: The Cool Racerback

Since this tank is designed to be a “versatile, multi-layering piece,” it’s no surprise that there are lots of colors from which to choose, including: purple, red, a cool chevron pattern, and my favorite, bright orange.

Best Aesthetic Design: The Scoop Me Up Tank

This tank is about as cute as they get. The empire waist gives a long, lean illusion, and the scoop opening with the mini-center gathering keeps it feminine and sweet.

(Note: Watch out for a little busty action. Cleavage is a definite with this top.) Honorable mention goes to the Optimal Tank, which features a great criss-cross and tank combo of straps—if only the front weren’t so plain Jane.

Best for MetCons and Runs: The Cool Racerback

Hands down, the Racerback will help you go the distance. This tops ensures no readjusting to make sure your crack ain’t whack when squatting to toss wall balls and no tugging down a top riding around your ribs—my personal hell!—while running drills.

lululemon Optimal Tank Front

lululemon Optimal Tank

Best for Anaerobic Days: Optimal Tank

The Optimal Tank has great girl coverage, so you’ll have no worries when bending over for deadlifts, snatches, and cleans.

It’s also made of a breathable material that felt similar to lightweight swimsuit. Even when sweating, I didn’t look or feel as though I was soaked.

Most Likely To Make You the Envy of Other Box Girls: The Scoop Me Up Tank

While I got my fair share of compliments for all three tops, I repeatedly get kudos for Scoop Me Up.

I’m not really about making other people jealous, but I will say the compliments were nice to hear.Who doesn’t need a little ego boost—especially if said person just might happen to be the slowest runner alive? (Hypothetically speaking, of course.)

Best of the Three: The Cool Racerback

Like any good acceptance speech, we first must recognize the runner-ups. In third place, the Optimum, while a great looking top, had a ton of ride up.

Even during the warm-up and flex portions of my workout, I couldn’t quite keep this top in place.  I didn’t mind it while lifting, but otherwise, I found it problematic.

In second place, the Scoop Me Up, stayed in place better, had great support, and was the cutest of the bunch, but my cleavage was on my mind (and hopefully only my mind) while doing anything upside down.

With that said, the Cool Racerback walks away with first place. The combo of colors, the face that I never really had to give the top a second thought, and being the least expensive of the bunch made this shirt a real winner.[wzslider transition=”‘slide'”]


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