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Review: The Ultimate WOD Log

The Ultimate WOD Log

The Ultimate WOD Log

There’s no hiding the fact CrossFit is all about numbers. Whether it’s the amount of reps we pull out in ‘Fight Gone Bad’ or how many seconds it takes us to do ‘Fran’, our performances are all judged on the numbers we put out.

And when we’re not training, it’s our diet we are worrying about, constantly watching how many grams of carbs and proteins are in each meal we eat, as well as how calories we are allowed to each day.

While some people with a mathematics degree might love crunching and analysing these numbers, the majority of CrossFitter’s can actually be overwhelmed by them. Personally, I found it quite difficult trying to keep an accurate log book of my training and diet and in the end just gave up trying.

That was until I came across The Ultimate WOD Log.

Basically, The Ultimate WOD Log is a computer software designed for CrossFitters. It allows users to keep a record of all their workouts and what they eat every day, while providing statistical analysis for them to monitor.

The software operates out of Microsoft Excel and is actually quite user friendly. All you need to do is fill out the log every time you do a workout or eat a meal, and the WOD Log will automatically crunch the numbers. It will then provide you with a number of graphs and charts so you can analyze how well your training and/or diet is going.

I know what you’re probably thinking – just another computer log book to keep track of all your CrossFit results, but that’s not the case. The Ultimate WOD Log has a number of features that makes it stand out from the rest.

The Good:

User Friendly: It might be confusing when you first start using the software, but after watching a quick video and spending a few minutes navigating around, it’s becomes quite easy. The layout is quite smooth and attractive to the eye, and posting and editing scores is simple.

The Ultimate WOD Log: Nutrition Page

The Ultimate WOD Log: Nutrition Page

It’s more than just a log book: The software also comes with a number of extra features like converters, a Wendler strength program calculator, max rep charts, RSS feeds to, a PR tracker and basic strength standard conversions. This basically makes it an information guide as much as a log book.

It does everything for you: Most other CrossFit log books are nothing more than spreadsheets for you to fill out. However, The Ultimate WOD Log actually calculates all the numbers for you. There are many graphs and metrics you can refer to to track your performances, and a bunch of statistics to help you improve your diet and training. The WOD log also has a section called ‘substitutions’ which provides users with alternative workouts if they are struggling with a certain movement. For example, if you can’t do double unders yet, the WOD Log suggests you do tuck jumps instead. This section is great for beginners and those struggling with some of the harder movements.

It has a list of every benchmark CrossFit WOD: This is easily one of my favourite features! You’d be amazed how many internet sites I’ve trawled through trying to find a list of all the CrossFit WODs. Now, with The Ultimate WOD Log you have all the workouts at your fingertips, so if you want to find out how to do ‘Murph’, simply click the drop down tab and read on!

It’s Cheap!: The software itself can be bought for just $5.95 and comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. That in itself should be reason enough to try it out.

Great Customer Support: If you have any issues with the software, customer support is available Monday to Friday during business hours.

The Bad:

There is no mobile app: The biggest downfall to this software is the fact you can’t access it from your mobile phone. The best time to write down your results is immediately after a workout, and the best way to track of your diet, is to keep note of your intake every time you eat a meal. The good news, however, is that the guys behind the WOD Log are working on making one, and expect to have it available sometime this year.

The Ultimate WOD Log: Basic Strength Standards

The Ultimate WOD Log: Basic Strength Standards

Too much focus on numbers: The one gripe i’ve always had about log books is that it can create too much of a focus on figures and results. Users might find themselves analysing every statistic and becoming slightly obsessed with reading metrics and charts. It’s important to remember that CrossFit should be fun, and is more than just a set of numbers.

It takes some time to get used to: It can be a bit confusing at the start, especially for those who are not familiar with Microsoft Excel. The more you use it, however, the more comfortable you become with the software, and the easier the whole process becomes.


Having used The Ultimate WOD Log for the past few weeks, I have actually grown to love it. Not only is it a great way to track your results and follow your diet, it also has a number of great features which I use almost every day. Whether it be a simple conversion from pounds to kilo’s, or finding out a new workout I can try, The WOD Log is just as much an information source as it is a log book.

The Ultimate WOD Log claims to be a ‘one stop shop’ for CrossFitters and to a degree, it kind of is. The software has a bunch of information, and crunches all kinds of training and diet numbers for you.

Compatible on both PC and MAC computers, The Ultimate WOD Log is a great, effective and cheap way to improve your CrossFit performance.

Rating: 8/10

If you are interested in finding out more about The Ultimate WOD Log, you can head to their website, Or email them directly at

For those who are keen to see how The Ultimate WOD Log works in action, check out the video below:

UPDATE – May 15, 2012: Full disclosure since writing this review, Jerred the creator of The Ultimate WOD Log has since become a contributor to our website. We should note that we did not know Jerred until we posted this review so we stand by the validity of what we have written. It was only due the fact we were so so impressed with his work he came onboard.

  • Timothy Donegan

    nice log for a great price!

  • rickybobby

    I really like the “It’s more than just a logbook” portion of this article. And the price isn’t bad at all?  I assume this is in US dollars, right?

    •  Hey Rickybobby,

      Yeah the price is in US Dollars, but with the exchange rates these days it’s pretty much the same for Australian and Canadian dollars as well.

  • Hey John, is it Australian friendly, ie. can you record in kilograms, metres etc. 
    $5.95 as a once off payment sounds like a reasonable price.

    • Hey Matt! 

      All of the calculations for volume and distance are generic; i.e. just numbers, so it is primarily independent of any one system. However, the benchmark WODs have lbs reported. Hope that helps! 

      • Thanks for that Jerred. I was about to email you myself on Matt’s behalf so glad you you got here first. 

        Cheers Michael 

      • Thanks Jerred. I will give it a go.
        I’ve used the directions on that website to make a plyo box and wall ball so the least I can do is spend $5 on his program.

  • It looks good, I’m keen to try it. One question though, when recording food and meals, do you have to know the nutritional value (kj’s or cals, g of protein, carbs etc) of say a medium banana or a 300g steak, or does this program already have this information?

    • You will have to know the nutritional value. It calculates percentages and what not for you, but it does not have a food database. 

      • Thanks for your answer.

        Damn – that’s the most annoying thing about keeping a food diary… having to find out the nutritional value of all the foods you eat. Easy if you’re a 2 eggs and banana every day kinda person though, hehe. 

  • Dntswtsmlsht

    So how large is the file?

    • MAC version, just under 10MB and PC version, just over 10MB.

  • Crossfitjeremy

    For $6 I’m going to give it a try. It looks pretty good, I just wished it was mobile.

    • I agree @c87b76e0d5b5048cc2e11e8193e0448a:disqus I’m surprised there has yet to be a good mobile app to come out that allows you simply add your WOD on your phone. Beyond The Whiteboard kept telling me for over a year they were doing it but in the end I gave up on waiting. Whoever does it and does it well will have a great little business on their hands 

    • We are actually working on the mobile version. Seeing how the community responds to this version first. 

  • afto

    yeah, agree. for 6 bucks, worth a try for sure. thanks for the review

  • Erick

    6 dollars!! I think I’ll give it a shot!!!

  • Timothy Donegan

    Just got it yesterday!

  • Rudder_Sxdababy

    Very nice I tried BTWB but always good to know there is an alternative. 

  • This looks very interesting. Not sure I have the time to record everything since I already record in a journal. I’d be recording twice then.

    From what I’ve seen, its very well thought out and organized.

    Phone app in the works?

  • Hey Guys,
    Just wondering whether this (great looking) log supports group stats too? (now or in the works) as I’m looking for a solution for my small gym. Thanks.


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