Rich Froning Defeats Jason Khalipa in 13.5

Rich Froning Defeats Jason Khalipa in 13.5

After seeing the girls go head to head in the first ever Fran Ladder AMRAP, it was time for two former male Games champions to do battle in Reebok CrossFit Open workout 13.5.

Leading into the final workout, reigning Games champion Rich Froning was in first place in the Open, while Khalipa was sixth overall.

The two men went head to head for most of the workout, before Froning pulled away at around the 150 rep mark to only just complete 180 reps in eight minutes to get another time bonus. In the end he was able to complete 226 reps in 12 minutes to defeat Jason Khalipa.

Khalipa was unable to finish the required reps in eight minutes, and finished with a score of 169.

With the final live announcement show wrapped up, its now it’s your turn to give workout 13.5 a go!

John Michael Bric
John is a newsreader, freelance writer and Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. A contributing writer for the CrossFit Games and CrossFit Community websites, he is also a Regional Media Liaison for CrossFit Inc. When he's not training, he can often be heard reading breakfast news on the radio or trying to convince people that chicken burgers, french fries and beer are all Paleo.
John Michael Bric
  • Ryan Conor Murstig

    Was there ever any doubt he’d take the W? both athletes did awesome though! Can’t wait for regionals!

    • Michael: The Rx

      You never know Ryan. But yes your right it was always going to be a tough ask.

  • Matt Rogers

    Love these head to heads

    • John Michael Bric

      We now have to wait till Regionals :(

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  • Thomas White

    Great match up! Both did incredible!

  • afto

    pretty impresive

  • Ryan Lang

    after seeing froning do it and seeing the look of despair in his eyes 6-7 minutes in lol, i don’t know if i want to do this…. haha

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