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tosh.O Ridicules CrossFit

In an episode of tosh.O, host Daniel Tosh made some interesting jokes about CrossFit. As he said, “CrossFit is for the ladies who don’t want to be fat but don’t want to be attractive either. If I wanted to bang someone with a six-pack I’d return Hugh Jackman’s calls.”

Tosh went on to state, “The most important part of any CrossFit workout is posting about it endlessly on social media. How bout you just brag about all the kettlebell burpees you did to all the other wacko’s in your cult.”

You can watch the clip below. Tosh starts talking about CrossFit at 1:10. Take a look and let us know what you think? Was this a good satirical piece or do you think he went too far? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Pughster

    Hilarious, Daniel Tosh is awesome. People need to lighten up and take it for what it is.

  • Silverback53

    I don’t even think it came from him but from his writers who like everyone else in the media simply try to stir the pot for ratings. They can have their opinion of Crossfit. It’s our freedom to do so. Let’s see what kind of shape he and his writers are in while they mock Crossfit.

  • Shawn McCray

    There is literally no topic that is safe from Tosh.0. He has made fun of just about everything. Taking this personal just feeds into the cult story line.

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  • Joe

    Imitation and making a point of mentioning Crossfit is just flattery and acknowledgement of how many people are into it. No offense taken here. An average, female Crossfitter could waste Tosh in any fight or workout and Tosh would agree.

    • Anonymous Xfitter

      And the average female Crossfitter is very, very attractive. Strength, discipline, agility and endurance are sexy.

  • Crandall M

    “went too far”? It’s comedy. Lighten up.

  • kc


  • jack diesel

    crossfitters r so stupid and gay

  • Quesy Dan Man

    I crossfit myself and that is hilarious! Hate the assholes who post about it 24/7 , giving us a bad name.

    • John Paul Jones

      If more crossfitters were like you, the world would be a better place

  • DreTat2

    One, the “average” woman is just that, average. To say a woman is “very attractive” insinuates that she isn’t average at all, now doesnt it?
    Two, saying fit, and having a healthy lifestyle is one thing, plenty of people exercise and watch their diets and still scoff at crossfitters… And at the end of the day, crossfitters bring it on themselves.

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  • Gman

    So true!!!!! Hahahahahahaha

  • truthspewer

    Gawd … I couldn’t agree more! 99% of Crossfitters are nerds who never worked out before in their entire lives. They’re easily seduced by the instant fake friendship CF offers as part of its marketing scheme.

    The problem with the women isn’t that they have “six-packs”; it’s that they are fatties! I’m serious — look at any group of CF worn and you’ll see a whole lotta chub going on. I guess eating bacon 24/7 and posting about it on social media maybe ISN’T that good for you, huh?

    The ones who aren’t fat are lower-middle-class or lower-class horse-faced blue-collar types with the social skills of a truckstop ho.

    Please … keep Crossfitters away from the rest of us who are REAL athletes!

    May this fad die quickly!

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