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2012 CrossFit Games: Behind the Scenes Day 2, Part 3

We’re now up to the fourth installment of the Behind the Scenes series of the 2012 CrossFit Games!

The videos, filmed by CrossFit’s Sevan Matossian (Every Second Counts) during this years event, gives us a detailed look into what really happens off the competition floor.

The footage has been a good eye opener into how much work event staff put in to organize every workout, the amount of physical pain athletes go through after each event and the effort judges go through to ensure the scoring is even.

The fourth installment takes us through the final part of Day 2. The 20 minute video covers the final workout of the day (Medbal/HSPU), and gives us a look into some of the preparations for the next day.

Some of the highlights include:

  • An interesting interview with former Games champion Graham Holmberg, where he talks about not having a coach.
  • A look into what big names like Dave Castro and Miranda Oldroyd get up to while the events are underway.
  • A post workout interview with Kyle Kasperbauer where he shows us just how much preparation is put into each day.
  • An end of the day warm down with Matt Chan and Chris Spealler where the two Games Veterans talk about retirement and recovery.

The video also includes interviews with former games champ Kristan Clever, Annie Sakamoto and Nicole Gibson. We also get to see how much overtime staff put in to ensure the next day of competition is ready to go.

Stay tuned for Behind the Scenes footage of the final two days of competition.

Here’s part 3 of the Behind the Scenes footage on Day 2:


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