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2012 CrossFit Games Open: Regional Winners

2012 CrossFit Games Open: Regional Winners

2012 CrossFit Games Open: Regional Winners

Thousands of athletes have been enjoying a bit of rest this week with the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open coming to an end.

After five weeks, millions of burpees, snatches, wall balls and double unders, the male and female section was won by past winners. 2011 champ Rich Froning, and 2010 winner Kristan Clever easily won their divisions, and basically had the title’s wrapped up before the final workout.

However, the important test will come over the next few months when the Regional’s take place.

The top 60 competitors in each regional division have earned themselves an invitation to the next stage, which kicks off on April 27, and wraps up on the last weekend in May.

Here’s a quick look at the Regional winners of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open:


Male: David Levey (1080th overall).

Female: Wilna Apel (713th).


Male: Brice Collier (385th).

Female: Feng Yi Chew (150th).


Male: Rob Forte (26th).

Female: Amy Dracup (26th).

Canada East

Male: Albert-Dominic Larouche (12nd).

Female: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (5th).

Canada West

Male: Jason Cain (62th).

Female: Angie Pye (14th).

Central East

Male: Rich Froning Jr. (1st).

Female: Julie Foucher (2nd).


Male: Stefano Migliorini (44th).

Female: Annie Thorisdottir (3rd).

Latin America

Male: Orlando Trejo (5th).

Female: Anita Pravatti (487th).

Mid Atlantic

Male: Sean Thomson (2nd).

Female: Cameron WIlliams (9th).

North Central

Male: Brandon Pastorek (9th).

Female: Deborah Cordner Carson (13th).

North East

Male: Mike McKenna (18th).

Female: Jenny Davis (23rd).

North West

Male: Kevin Simons (21st).

Female: Ashleigh Moe (33rd).

Northern California

Male: Neal Maddox (6th).

Female: Ashley Carriveau (8th).

South Central

Male: Jason Hoggan (35th).

Female: Janet Black (34th).

South East

Male: Brendon Phillips (19th).

Female: Emily Bridgers (4th).

South West

Male: Zach Forrest (28th).

Female: Colleen Maher (24th).

Southern California

Male: Kenneth Leverich (3rd).

Female: Kristan Clever (1st).


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