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Amanda Allen on Her Freedom Through Discipline Tour

Amanda Allen's Freedom Through Discipline Tour

Sitting in Byron Bay, listening to the sound track from Dirty Dancing, watching the surfers carve it up, Pepper at my feet, green veggie juice on its way, two epic training sessions under my belt at CF Byron Bay today, feeling a little sun-kissed… reflecting on the past 28 days of my Freedom Through Discipline seminar tour!

I’ve spent over 40 hours driving, making my way up the east coast of Australia, I’ve listened to 30 Paleo Solution podcasts, visited 20 CrossFit boxes so far, spoken to 100’s of CrossFitters, slept in my motorhome at many beautiful beaches, lakes, parks and a few CrossFit carparks!!!

The generosity and hospitality Pep and I have been extended on our tour has been heart warming…we are an incredible community, and I just love CrossFit all the more deeply for my experiences over the past 28 days!

Amanda Allen's Freedom Through Discipline TourAmanda Allen's Freedom Through Discipline Tour

I’ve had the privilige of meeting the most creative, hard working and passionate affiliate owners – individuals passionate about health, performance, learning, becoming better everyday and giving back to their communities!

I have been given keys to so many boxes, Pepper has been welcomed & loved by sooooo many people (big & little alike). I’ve parked, slept-over, showered, WODded and hung out all over the east coast of Australia with so many enthusiastic and supportive people! I’ve been fed and hosted so very, very well by so many…there’s such a lot of love out there.

Wherever there’s a CrossFit box there’s a family waiting to welcome us!

Amanda Allen's Freedom Through Discipline Tour

The seminars have been extraordinarily rewarding, for myself and for participants! 2.5+ hours of sharing my journey, my CrossFit story, and the all the performance and recovery secrets and strategies I have developed over 20 years of study, trial and error, first hand experience and application! What I do works!

Since my win at the CrossFit Games this year I have had so many requests from people to attend various Events. In response I took matters into my own hands. I am passionate about everything CrossFit, health, recovery, performance, nutrition and developing mental strength, so I took my passion and married it with the opportunity to inspire others to reach for higher levels of health, performance, mental resilience and balance in their own lives!

It has been epic, inspiring, motivating, confirming and truly heart warming to reach out to so many CrossFitters, share my hard earned knowledge and to play some small part in motivating them to control the controllable, pay attention to all the one-percenters in their lives, and to take their health and performance to entirely new levels!

Amanda Allen's Freedom Through Discipline Tour

I encourage you to dream a bigger dream, push your perceived limits, believe in yourself and invest consistently in creating everything you desire and dream possible!

I know from personal experience that miracles happen if I stay passionate, work hard and look after myself 150% of the time and never, ever give up on my dreams!

We don’t need anyone’s permission to shine, or to live extremely healthy, passionate and vital lives; but sometimes we need a reminder about just how brightly we can shine and how to consistently cultivate our brightest light. Opportunity exists in every moment of every day!

Amanda Allen's Freedom Through Discipline Tour

If we pay attention and value ourselves then through discipline we are free to turn our greatest dreams into extraordinary reality!

My tour was supported by SMAI, JAW, Professional Whey and CrossFIXE/SkinNourishment… THANKU!

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