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Ask Rich Froning Anything #CFProjectMayhem

Rich Froning and Dan Bailey

Rich Froning and Dan Bailey answering your questions

Have you ever wanted to ask Rich Froning a question…and actually have him answer it? Well here is your opportunity!

On May 14, 2013 Rich Froning launched CrossFit Project Mayhem, where he answers YOUR questions.

Rich hasn’t released a ton of details, but it seems pretty straightforward. If you have a twitter account, simply logon and ask him a question by including his twitter handle @RichFroning and the hashtag #CFProjectMayhem. You can probably get away with just including the hashtag, but it never hurts to ask the question directly to Rich.

After you post your question, Rich will review the tweets and answer them on his newly launched YouTube channel called, you guessed it, CFProjectMayhem.

The topics he has covered so far:

– Strength programming
– Stretching and mobility
– Staying motivated
– What to do on competition day
– Recovery
And more!

His training partner, Thomas Cox and fellow CrossFit Games competitor, Dan Bailey have both featured in the videos as well.

Rich seems like a very down to earth guy, answering your questions in a no BS type of way. I find some of his answers hilarious, mainly because in the few videos I have watched, it seems like he eats whatever he wants and doesn’t stretch – which is awesome! But like I said, he is answering your questions with no BS.

There is a lot of good info, as far as how seriously he takes recovery, and how he stays motivated. Personally, I like seeing how a top Games competitor like him handles training and CrossFit.

So do you have a question for Rich? Because if you do make sure you ask it now because there is no telling how long CF Project Mayhem will last!

You can check out the lastest video below.

P.S. Is it too early for me to call a Rich Froning 2013 CrossFit Games victory?

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