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8 Reason to Eat a Banana

BananasI’ll admit it I love bananas. Sweet and creamy there are few times in a year they are not stocked in my apartment.

For as long as I can remember I have been eating a banana almost every single day. For me the only downside is the annoying fruit flies I get with them once I bring them home.

I have never been prone to cramps and one possible reason for this is the fact I do eat so many bananas throughout the week. So I thought share with you 8-quick reasons why you should pick up what I consider to be Mother Nature’s fast food.

1.     Bananas come prepackaged in their own wrapping (the banana skin to be precise) which means they are easily transportable.

2.     High in potassium they help to prevent against high blood pressure and reduce stress.

3.     Constipated? Well, bananas are high in fiber and will help to keep you regular.

4.     Bananas have been known to help reduce heartburn due to the natural antacid properties.

5.     Bananas contain tryptophan a protein the body converts into serotonin. The more serotonin in the your brain the more your mood improves.

6.     Bananas are high in Vitamin B.

7.     They help reduce water retention (always a good then when cutting weight or trying fix in that little black dress).

8.     An average sized banana is less than 100 calories.

Now go out and get yourself some 🙂


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