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Best Workout Video of the 2014 CrossFit Open?

The 2014 CrossFit Open is now wrapped up with submissions closed for 14.5.

Over the past five weeks we have seen some interesting video submissions from right across the globe, with athletes coming up with some innovative ways to complete each workout.

But in terms of the best workout video we have seen so far, that would have to go to 37 year old Kie Drea. Drea, who’s competing in the Asia Region, recently uploaded a video of him attempting to complete 14.5 (descending ladder of thrusters and barbell facing burpees).

Drea attempted the workout in the small town of Trashigang in Bhutan, hundreds of miles away from any affiliated CrossFit gym.

With no equipment on hand, Drea used string to attach two heavy stones to a piece of bamboo and used it as a barbell to complete the thrusters. He also used a bit of timber to get the correct height for the burpees.

Just to make the video even more interesting, Drea attempted 14.5 in fading light, and before he could even get half way through the workout, all natural light had vanished.

While it’s hard to make out, it appears Drea didn’t manage to complete the workout, and at this stage he still does not have a score next to his name for 14.5.

However, we at The Rx Review think his performance was one of the most impressive and innovative during the 2014 CrossFit Open and certainly deserved a mention.

You can check out the footage of Drea’s 14.5 attempt in the video above.

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