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Bos Creek Grass Fed Beef Open For Business!

Bos Creek Ribeye Salad

Bos Creek Ribeye Salad

Meat That Makes You Go “Mmm”

From an outsider’s perspective, all the bulky, ripped, scantily clad glistening bodies in motion at any CrossFit box worth its weight can seem a lot like a meat market. But when Kenneth Chung and Greg Russo, two stellar athletes from CrossFit MadTown in Madison, Wisconsin, teamed up to form Bos Creek, they had a different type of beefy in mind.

Most dedicated CrossFit athletes, whether they follow a Paleo, Primal, or Zone diet (aka the opposite of the all-ice-cream-and-wine diet that I’m partial to–don’t judge), know that when it’s not about the vegetables it’s all about the protein–preferably protein from a healthy source versus something more Lance Armstrong-like (Get it? That’s called steroid humor. Too soon?) The problem for many is finding a source for such meat without it being a huge inconvenience.

That’s where Bos Creek comes in. CrossFit is already a community of health-conscious individuals with goals ranging from winning The Games down to getting that first pull up (damn you, blasted pull-up!). And if you haven’t figured it out already, you can WOD all you want, but outside of that one random guy who consumes only carrots and beer for dinner and crushes MetCons like empty cans, if your diet sucks, most likely so do you.

Bos Creek Beef

Bos Creek Beef

With our community in mind, Chung and Russo developed a customer-focused service to support your meat-minded priorities. “Bos,” is Latin for cow, ox, or bull, and “Creek” is English for nature and flowing wild (OK, I made that part up); when put together you get free beef. Oh wait, you have to pay for it–but what you get for your money is premium USDA natural Angus grass-fed beef approved by elite chefs.

And prior to ending up on your plate, the cattle are living the good life in Montana on unconfined pastures, breathing fresh air, and ultimately just chill-laxing (it’s what the kids are saying). And word on the street is chilled out beef is some of the tastiest, tenderest, and most nutritious around.

The good part is that the beef is shipped right to your box if there is enough people who want to participate in the Affiliate program.This is a huge value. The beef is slaughtered, packed, and shipped immediately to the affiliate–no frozen inventory!

The better part is that you can customize your order according to the amount and type of beef you want. Yep. This isn’t a CSA. You don’t end up with beef you don’t want, but instead get to create your box.

Bos Creek Beef Tartare

Bos Creek Beef Tartare

And the best part is that you can rest assured that this isn’t some swindling outside company sweeping in to make bank and take advantage of our growing community. Nope, just two guys from the inside looking to provide healthy beef with a heart…um, not literally. Beef hearts not included.

Chung and Russo aren’t out to become a generic online distributor. Like CrossFit boxes, they’re focused on building a strong community. To prove it they’ve hired a chef from Los Angeles, a sommelier from NYC, and registered nutritionists to upload recipes, cooking techniques, beef/wine pairing, and miscellaneous tips on their site,

Eventually customers will get to weigh in on new future product offerings. If the community wants it, they’ll work to get it.

Bottom line: Bos Creek is all about healthy, grass-fed beef that meets high culinary standards provided by two CrossFitters who understand not just the need for protein but more importantly the art of cooking. That’s something you can really sink your teeth into.

To find out more or to ordered your very own Grass Fed Beef delivered fresh to your door can check out the Bos Creek website and facebook here or check out the gallery of their Beef below.


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