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Chalk Matters – FrictionLabs: The New Standard in Chalk

frictionlabs crossfit chalk

With so much focus on things like diet, programming and fitness apparel these days, athletes often overlook some of the more simple things, that are just as important when it comes to training.

One of those is chalk!

Walk into any CrossFit gym and you’ll see traces of chalk almost everywhere. On every barbell, on the rigs, pull-up bars, floors and walls.

Chalk is essential in providing a strong and solid grip for athletes during any type of barbell movement, as well as a heap of gymnastics exercises.

Can you think of the last time you saw a professional weightlifter or gymnast compete without using chalk? That just shows you how important chalk is in reaching peak performance.

But chalk is just chalk, right? It’s all the same, right?

The short answer is no. In my life I’ve used several kinds of chalk during training, some of have been great, others have been not so great. Just like most things in the fitness world some are just better than others.

frictionlabs chalk new 3

One brand of chalk that has caught our attention in recent times is FrictionLabs Chalk.

FrictionLabs Chalk was originally designed for rock climbing but is quickly spreading in functional fitness world, as more CrossFit athletes understand the importance of clean chalk.

So what makes FrictionLabs Chalk so good?

For starters, most chalk brands claim to be 100% Magnesium Carbonate. However, when you run the tests on them, the truth is that they all have significant amounts of impurities, drying agents, heavy metals, and other fillers.

FrictionLabs, on the other hand, treats its chalk in Denver, Colorado, stripping the bad stuff like impurities and leaving the highest purity chalk so your hands and body are ready to crush day after day.

Here are some of the benefits of using ‘clean chalk’ like FrictionLabs:

Better Performance: The highest purity chalk keeps your hands drier, longer. Chalk up less. Get better grip.

Safer Breathing: Breathe easy knowing our chalk has no harmful drying agents or impurities. Save your lungs.

Healthier Skin: Clean chalk protects your skin from over-drying and cracking. Go harder. Go longer. Go more.

The good news is, to celebrate their entry into the functional fitness market; FrictionLabs Chalk has teamed up with The Rx Review by offering all readers a special offer.

For the next month, until May 15, 2016, the following offers apply to all our fans:

frictionlabd chalk crossfit chalk

The Rx Review is also in the process of reviewing FrictionLabs range of chalk and grip items so be sure to check back later in the year for our full reviews.

In the meantime, to find out more about FrictionLabs Chalk you can head to their website here, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by clicking on the links.

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