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The Coconut Water Craze


Everywhere I turn I seem to see a world filled with coconuts! Not the ones that some of you may be thinking about. Ok, now back to the topic.

Rewind just a few months to the 2011 CrossFit Games, where this year a whole host of new and ever growing sponsors appeared. Among the sea of Reebok, Rogue, and the rest, I noticed one of the major sponsors this year was that of VitaCoco. You couldn’t help but notice them as their logo was prominently displayed on the CrossFit Games main page.

Over the last year coconut water seems to be popping up everywhere. From celebrity endorsements, magazines, grocery stores, heck even my local Bikram yoga studio cleaned out their fridge and restocked it full of the stuff.

So, I figured it was time to address the coconut water craze that has jumped to the centre of the health and fitness industry to see what all the fuss is about.

For what I found, the results seem promising and for the avid CrossFitters among us, I’m sure you will appreciate some of the benefits:

100% natural (if you get it straight from the nut)

Fifteen times the potassium of bananas

High in electrolytes

Restores hydration levels faster than the old H2O

Keeps the metabolism ticking throughout the day

Cleanses the digestive tract getting rid of the unwanted waste lingering in your body

Is low in calories and carbohydrates

Besides some of the benefits listed above, coconut water also boasts numerous healing properties that are particularly good for people who suffer from severe muscle cramps, or the dreaded DOMS (we have all had that after a “Fran or Murph”)

(An interesting side note: I can even recall from my history studies that coconut water was used intravenously on soldiers in WWII who suffered severe dehydration. Personally, I think ill stick to the oral form!)

Emma Nicole inspecting her coconut

Inspecting my coconut

As well as rapid re-hydration, coconut water feeds the body vital nutrients including calcium and magnesium: nutrients, which are essential in maintaining a healthy immune system to fight off illness and disease. So if you have a tendency to over train and often find yourself run down it may just be the answer you have been looking for.

Now something for the girls among us, ah yes, weight loss. Maybe you’ve heard this one yourself and the good news is…it’s true! Coconut Water does indeed aid weight loss (of course as you are all probably aware in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise blah blah blah) but still great news nonetheless. Sure its not an overnight cure and won’t prevent those chocolate cravings but hey every little bit helps!

Finally and unfortunately there are a few things to keep in mind when hunting down this liquid gold. First off it’s important to note that not all coconuts are created equal. This means some pre-packaged coconut water has been tampered with! Yes, that’s right, some companies, surprise, surprise, have messed with one of Mother Nature’s finest creations and added sugar.

Then there is the issue of taste. I’ve tried several different brands and found some can almost be sickening. Personally, I find the pure young coconut (straight from the nut itself) suits my pallet and of course gives you that true Paleo experience.

Considering the price of some sporting drinks, I like to say, coconuts give you more bang for your buck and less calories for your butt!

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