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FringeSport’s Black Friday Sale!

Here’s one for those looking for a CrossFit bargain this Black Friday!

FringeSport is holding a massive sale at two locations in Texas this Friday, November 23, with huge discounts on everything they have in stock.

For those unfamiliar with FringeSport, they are a leading online CrossFit store, that sells everything from bumper plates, bars, dumbbells, clothes and even condoms!

The CrossFit store will be having a big sale at its headquarters in Austin (8868 Research Blvd. Suite 205, Austin, Texas 78757) from 10AM until 5PM CST this Friday..

FringeSport has also teamed up with CrossFit Dallas Central and will be also holding a sale at the CFDC affiliate (8868 Research Blvd. Suite #205 Austin, TX 78758).

As well as offering almost 10% off everything in stock, FringeSport also have some big discounts on all kinds of equipment at the sale.

Some of the real bargains include:

  • $1 a pound for all OFW bumpers
  • $1 a pound for all kettlebells
  • $20 off all barbells
  • $30 off hypervests
  • 15% off Plyo-Boxes

Here’s the flyer for the Black Friday sale at FringeSport headquarters in Austin:

FringeSport's Black Friday Sale!

FringeSport’s Black Friday Sale in Austin!

And here’s the flyer for the Black Friday sale at CFDC in Dallas:

FringeSport Black Friday Sale in Dallas!

FringeSport Black Friday Sale in Dallas!

Now, for those who can’t make it to Dallas on Friday, FringeSport is also offering some big ONLINE discounts.

Their online Black Friday sale will begin 8PM CST and close 11:59PM CST.

As always Fringe Sport will be offering free shipping on every purchase and have a 365 day return policy.

Here is a quick look at their online sale prices:

FringeSport Online Black Friday Sale

FringeSport Online Black Friday Sale

This will be FringeSport’s first sale since 2011, and will be their last sale for 2012, so jump on it while you have the chance!

There will be a limit to stock as well. A first-in, first-served policy will apply and once all the stock has run out, that’s it!

If you want to get in touch with the crew at FringeSport about the sale you can email them at, or call at 512-814-5402.

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