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Greg Glassman on the ‘Anthos Model’

Coach Greg Glassman has spoken publicly about the CrossFit vs. Anthos debate, criticizing the potential takeover model during the Montana stop of the recent CrossFit Tour.

The founder, and CEO of CrossFit, gives his thoughts about affiliate owners who are tempted to expand their gyms to include selling supplements, apparel and other gear.

“In my head, a trainer trains and doesn’t do anything else,” Glassman said.

“Professionals don’t sell shit. They sell their service, their knowledge, their experience, their talent, their skill, their commitment.”

Sporting a t-shirt with the bold word ‘unbuyable’ on the front, Greg Glassman was quick to criticize the Anthos model, and made it clear he would ‘never, ever, ever, ever, ever’ be lured into the temptation of selling products to make revenue.

He also revealed that the takeover bid by Anthos probably won’t be going ahead, telling us the courts are in the process of allowing CrossFit to buy out the investment company.

“By the way, our partner that we’re gonna buy out, the courts are gonna make that happen, will walk away with more money from this than anyone ever will, that’s certain,” Glassman said.

“I will never be able to extract, cos i don’t want to, the money she’s going to walk away with. She (Lauren Glassman) will walk away with the lions share, that’s fine, but she will not leave me with a douche bag partner.”

Check out the full video of Greg Glassman below:

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