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Harper’s First Time

Bob Harper Biggest Loser Trainer

Bob Harper Biggest Loser Trainer

Bob Harper the trainer known for his role as one of televisions tough trainers on The Biggest Loser, just posted an interesting tweet from his twitter account MyTrainerBob stating, “Alright, people keep asking me for my #1 crossfit “Fran” time. My 1st time w/her & I did it in 8min flat, Rx’d.  I can’t wait to crush that!”

We, here at The Rx Review, love to hear when people complete WODs Rx’d, especially Fran! Anyone who has taken on Fran knows it’s a love hate relationship that you will never get over.

Although Bob’s time is no world record, it is impressive considering it was his first time. This added to the fact he is already stating he can’t wait to “crush” it again indicates he too may be starting to drink the Kool-Aid.

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