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Today, in this techno centric world we can find an app for just about anything. From meal plans, to fashion advice and lethal birds, you name it, it’s out there and if it’s not you can rest assured knowing that someone in Silicon Valley is just about to make it happen.

That’s just how it started for a british brother-sister sister duo who created the iPhone app, the Ignite Wellness Lifestyle Tracker, in the San Francisco bay area. The application is designed to track your life expectancy in real-time. It draws information from a series of data you input regarding diet, exercise, weight, family history and the like. The calculated life expectancy will vary over time, if and when your behaviour patterns change.

It would be a stretch to say that the app can calculate how many years you could potentially take off your life if you miss that all-important WOD. Unfortunately, the only fitness related questions revolve around the hours you spend doing yoga and cycling, obviously not the only exercise options out there these days (thank god!). Having said that, it appears as if the app is in its early stages of life so we could look forward to more variables being incorporated in the future.

Ignite Wellness App

A look inside the Ignite Wellness App

Like most apps of its kind this one is not without flaws. The obvious imperfection is that it doesn’t include every element that can predict your exact lifespan, nor does it have the magical formula that can forecast your dying age.

One of the biggest issues I see is that the Ignite Wellness app depends on a system of honesty because it draws results solely from what is entered and let’s face it when it comes to diet and exercise, human nature (sometimes) has a tendency to bend the truth.

However, with the silly season fast approaching this might be a fun way to see just how damaging a week of over-indulging in a few too many celebratory drinks and festive foods may be to your body.

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