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Benefits of Interval Training

Benefits of Interval Training

Benefits of Interval Training.

While the basis of CrossFit is to perform varied movements at high intensity, there is still a large involvement of interval training in most WODs.

The Rx Review is giving away a Gymboss Interval Timer this week. So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about the benefits of interval training, and why it is vital in strength and conditioning training.

Typically, Tabata workouts are the most common type of interval training performed in CrossFit. There are, however, many other WODs include similar forms of stop-start activity, like Fight Gone Bad and Nancy.

Doing interval training once a week can have some huge benefits and you could see some big improvements in your CrossFit ability.

Here is a list of the main reasons we should all include interval training into our CrossFit routines:

Increased endurance. Studies show that the short, high intensity workouts, mixed with rest periods may rapidly increase endurance. This increase should improve your performance in most workouts, especially those involving a lot of cardio exercises like rowing and running.

Increased muscle strength and toning. Interval training can be vital in increasing strength and muscle tone. Including it into any standard strength routine can actually increase the speed of muscle development.

Reduced appetite and faster metabolism. Some nutritionists claim that athletes who take part in interval training eat around 500 fewer calories each day. In addition, the increase of post-exercise oxygen consumption means you should also metabolize your food a lot faster.

Good for your heart. Interval training can reduce your resting pulse rate. This means less strain on your heart and an increase in your overall health.

Increases your overall well-being. Interval training can lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure, reduce the chance of osteoporosis and increasing your immune system. It can also help you sleep better, improve the appearance of your skin and increase the level of endorphins flowing through your body.

The good news is, these benefits can be achieved easily. By throwing a few hour long workouts into your CrossFit routine each week, your performance and health should start to improve.

Happy training!

– John.

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