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Kristan Clever Jumps to Top of Leaderboard

CrossFit Games Champ Kristan Clever

CrossFit Games Champ Kristan Clever

2010 CrossFit champion Kristan Clever has sent a message to Annie Thorisdottir today, after a blistering performance in the CrossFit Games opening WOD.

Last years runner up re-did the 12.1 workout and belted out 143 burpees in the seven minutes – that’s seven more than her previous attempt, and two more than last years male winner Rich Froning Jr. managed to get!

2011 champion, and this years favourite, Annie Thorisdottir, also performed the workout today, scoring an impressive 128 reps.

Annie Thorisdottir before the 12.1 workout (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Annie Thorisdottir before the 12.1 workout (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Neither score is officially on the scoreboard yet, as it still has to be cleared by Games officials, but at this stage Jolene Grant from CrossFit SEO is still the ‘leader’ with 136 burpees.

Today also marked a milestone for the 12.1 CrossFit Games WOD, with more than 2 million burpees performed over the last four days, and we with half a day still remaining, we could very well crack the 3 million mark.

If you’re still keen to join in the fun, athletes have until 5PM PT Sunday to register for the Games Open.


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