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Learning the Kipping Muscle-Up: Gymnastics Tips

Whether you have one muscle-up or ten linked together, you can always look for ways to improve technique and efficiency. Ideally, alongside kipping muscle-ups you should be working on your strict muscle-ups for strength, also ensure you have a solid sternum to bar pull up and full range ring dips.

In this tutorial we will look at three ways you can improve your kipping muscle-up efficiency.

No. 1 – Firstly we need to look at efficiency and getting the most out of your kip. Focus on keeping your knees straight and hips open. Having bent knees and broken hip position will reduce the power your able to get from the kip.

No. 2 – Next we need to think about getting over the rings. Think about a high transition, this will also shorten the dip phase. Transitioning too low will also reduce your chance of making the rep.

No. 3 – Finally, lean back out of the top, eliminate the eccentric portion of the rep to minimise fatigue.

Gymnastics tips kipping muscle up 1 Gymnastics tips kipping muscle-up

In training we would recommend reducing your reps and practicing perfect form, gradually increasing reps as form and efficiency improves. Remember that changing technique can be difficult, and won’t always feel natural to begin with. Be patient and consistent.

By Kathryn and Evelina Dalecki from Dalecki Strength.

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