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Palæo: The World’s First Paleo Fast Food Restaurant?

chef thomas rode andersen

Chef Thomas Rode Andersen creator of the Palæo menu

Good news for all those Paleo dietary fans, [the guardian] is reporting that the world’s first Paleo fast food restaurant is only weeks away from opening. The bad news, it will be based in Copenhagen.

The restaurant, called Palæo, is the brainchild of Thomas Rode Andersen, 43, an award winning Michelin Starred chef.

His takeaway restaurant will have foods such as hot dogs and pizza’s but in true Paleo fashion will not have any buns or dough. As far as Andersen is concerned “Bread is the devil.”

Andersen was put on to the diet in 2005 after he divorced from his wife and started dating a younger woman. She helped him swap his late night of beer and snacks to Paleo food and exercise.

“The menu includes “meatza”, essentially a meat pizza turned upside down with a base of organic ground beef topped with baked tomatoes, pickled mushrooms and parsley pesto. For the hot dog, the sausage with wild leeks comes in an egg-based wrapper, while the risotto is made of small kernels of celeriac shaped to look like long-grain rice.”

With an award winning Michelin Starred chef you can be assured the food is bound to be good. Let’s just hope this trend spreads, as anyone on Paleo knows how hard it can be when ordering takeaway. Sure you can always take the chicken or beef out of the bun but it would be nice to have a few more options that cater to the Paleo devotees among us.


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