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Product Highlight: StrongerRx 3.0 Gloves

Just over one year ago, we reviewed the leading functional fitness glove from StrongerRx – The RTG Glove.

At the time we rated it a top product, and one of the better functional fitness gloves available on the market. The good news, is StrongerRx has now released it’s newest, and most updated glove: The StrongerRx 3.0 Glove.

The 3.0 was launched late in 2014, with StrongerRx claiming to have made a number of improvements to the glove including a better feel/fit, increased grip and protection and a lighter design. Here is a look at some of the main features of the StrongerRx 3.0 Glove:

  • Anti-Vibration Technology with vibration damping polymers to prevent complete muscle and hand fatigue.
  • Touch Screen Technology can be used with most touch screen devices.
  • Abrasion resistant science to minimize palm callouses and prevent hand rips and other skin abrasions.
  • Ergonomically design for upmost flexibility and hand ventilation.
  • Provides a lightweight compound that molds your hand movements to any demands.

In the above video The Rx Review takes a quick look at the StrongerRx 3.0 Glove, going over a number of the main features and comparing it to the StrongerRx RTG Glove.

The 3.0 glove sells for USD$48 (just three dollars more than the RTG glove). They can be purchased from the StrongerRx website, as well as a number of online stores across the globe.

Be sure to check back on our site soon for the full review on the 3.0 glove. In the meantime, to keep up to date on StrongerRx’s latest releases, be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook by clicking here.

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