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Review: Spun Performance Compression Shorts

Spun Performance Compression SHorts

Spun Performance Compression Shorts

Being a CrossFitter in Canada, keeping my muscles warm before and during a workout is essential.

I had been searching for a pair of compression shorts for a while when I stumbled across Spun Performance on the main site message board.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the brand, Spun Performance Apparel, is a home based company, run by a guy called Greg Light. Greg started the brand after being fed up with how expensive rival compression apparel was.

After doing some initial leg work and research, Greg, an avid CrossFitter himself, and his wife set out to create a product that was effective, efficient and affordable.

After finding out a bit more info about Spun Performance Compression Shorts, I jumped at the chance to buy a pair.

First Time Wear

Having owned a pair of Under Armour, SKINS compressions pants and a few other brands of compression shorts, I was out to see how Spun Performance ranked among them.

I used them the day they arrived at my doorstep, and after one WOD, I was impressed (it wouldn’t be until a week later that I was sold completely). In between days, I wore my other compression shorts to get a good feel for comparison. At first, I didn’t notice too much of a difference, but the longer the WOD went on, the more some of the rival brands began to feel like just a pair of tights.

Storng Stitching

Strong Stitching

Second Trial Run

It wasn’t until I went back to my SPUN shorts, and after washing them once, that I was sold on them.

As soon as I put them on I could feel the compression in my muscles. If you’ve ever worn SKINS before, these felt exactly the same.

During that day’s test session I did strength work, which included cleans, power cleans and clean deadlifts. After that I did a small WOD that consisted of a Barbell complex and sprints.

I could actually feel the compression throughout the entire WOD. They didn’t loosen up like my other pairs or so-called compression shorts and felt comfortable and effective the whole time.

The Good

The Look: The shorts look fantastic. Jet black, and not loaded with fancy graphics. They are simple and clean looking.

Very Breathable: I found the Spun Performance compression shorts to be extremely breathable. They didn’t feel wet to the touch during or after the workout and kept me warm throughout my WOD. For a change, the moisture wickening system actually worked!

Strong and Secure: The stitching is super solid and there wasn’t one loose thread. The waistband seemed secure when I had them on and there is a silicone bead along the inside waist seam that prevents the shorts from slipping. Personally, I think this added feature is awesome. The shorts also maintained their compression throughout the entire workout, which isn’t so common in some other brands.

Price: At $34.99, these compression shorts are definitely affordable and provide great value for money.

Customer Service: Spun Performance provides great customer service. I’ve never had to wait long for a response back, either via email or PM.

Me and my Compression Shorts

Me and my Compression Shorts

The Guarantee: Spun Performance Apparel believes in a hassle, pressure and worry free guarantee: “Wear it, wash it, test it, whatever. If you decide it’s not for you, contact us within the first 30 days to arrange for a return. We pay the shipping.  No questions asked”, is what is written on their website.

The Bad

Lack of Colour: The only downfall that I could find at the moment is the lack of colour.  I spoke to Greg and he said that in the near future they would hopefully be adding more colors aside from black.

Warm: The shorts are warm, which is why I bought them. However, sometimes during a long, tough WOD, they can sometimes be too warm!


Spun Performance Apparel seems to be a company is headed in the right direction.  It’s a company with realistic goals and is realistic about what they’re selling. They provide a quality product that is as inexpensive as possible, without compromising quality.

I’ve found the shorts to be some of the most effective compression shorts I have worn, and I will continue to wear them during my training.


Review by CC.


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