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Fitness Lonnie…The World’s Best CrossFit Trainer?

Fitness Lonnie Sleeps

The World's Best CrossFit Trainer?

Fitness Lonnie is nothing short of controversial. The self proclaimed creator of CrossFit and so-called “Fittest Man Alive” was not only prevented from competing at this years CrossFit games, but his recent YouTube videos have caused him to be shunned by many in the CrossFit community.

Fitness Lonnie

The Man The Myth: Fitness Lonnie

Whatever your take on the man, there can be no question he is a fitness phenomenon.

Over the weekend Fitness Lonnie dropped in on a CrossFit Kids class and the effect was nothing short of inspirational. Within seconds of Fitness Lonnie demonstrating a jumping pull-up, one of the girls was so inspired by his presence she proceeded to string together a flurry of butterfly pull-ups. Those of you who have tried the kipping pull-up know how difficult it can be not to mention the skill required to learn the butterfly. So to see a child pick up the skill in a matter of seconds can only be accredited to Fitness Lonnie’s amazing coaching skills.

Fitness Lonnie MadI will admit before I watched this video I was a Fitness Lonnie skeptic. However, after watching this it is hard to dispute the fact Fitness Lonnie may just be the world’s best CrossFit trainer and quite possibly the original “Coach.”

One thing for sure, if I were Josh Bridges, Kristan Clever or anyone else in the running for the 2012 CrossFit Games title, I would strongly recommend reaching out to Fitness Lonnie. If this video is anything to go by, even just a few moments with the man could mean the difference between 1st and 2nd.

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