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Tickets to 2016 CrossFit Games on Sale April 22!

CrossFit Games Open 2014

Tickets to the 2016 CrossFit Games will officially go on sale this month!

On April 22, 2016, affiliate owners will get first shot at buying tickets to the Games when they become available online via the ticketing website,

CrossFit HQ will release 9,000 All Access passes to the 2016 Games with the Affiliate Pre-Sale open to any affiliate that had 12 or more members register for the 2016 Open. Over 7,800 affiliates qualified for the Pre-Sale so tickets are expected to be snapped up fast with each affiliate able to purchase up to eight All Access Packages.

Whatever remains after that (if any are left), will be sold to the public starting April 29.

This year, the ticket system is a little different to 2015. Here’s a look at how it all works in 2016:

Ticket Summary

This year, tickets will be sold exclusively in multi-day packages. There are two types of multi-day packages: All Access Packages and Soccer Stadium Packages.

All Access Packages – Those who want to watch the entirety of the Games, including the Individual Competition in the Tennis Stadium, need an All Access Package.

The All Access Package gives you access to every Games venue at the StubHun Center for every day of competition meaning you won’t miss any part of the Masters, Teenage, Team, or Individual Competitions.

  • Tuesday – All onsite venues
  • Wednesday – All onsite venues
  • Thursday – All onsite venues
  • Friday – Soccer + Tennis
  • Saturday – Soccer + Tennis
  • Sunday – Soccer + Tennis

There are four kinds of All Access Packages: Red ($225), Orange ($275), Blue ($335), Yellow ($500). The prices vary depending on where you will be seated in the Tennis Stadium.

Soccer Stadium Packages – Those who want to watch the majority of the Games, including all of the Teenagers, Masters, and Teams and all Individual events in the Soccer Stadium will want a Soccer Stadium Package.

The Soccer 6-Day Pass gives you access to the Soccer Stadium (not Tennis Stadium) during all days of competition.

  • Tuesday – All onsite venues
  • Wednesday – All onsite venues
  • Thursday – All onsite venues
  • Friday – Soccer only
  • Saturday – Soccer only
  • Sunday – Soccer only

With this package, you will be able to watch the entirety of the Masters and Teenage Competition (Tuesday-Thursday), as well as all Team and Individual events held in the Soccer Stadium (Friday-Sunday).

There is also a Mid-Week 3-Day Ticket Package for exclusive fans of the Masters and Teenage Competitions. You can also see the latest moves in who’s favorite to win the event at

In summary there are six ticket packages to choose from ranging in price from $75 to $500.

tickets to 2016 crossfit games

Last year, tickets sold out within minutes so be sure to get onto the ASX website as soon as possible once they go on sale, and for those outside of America.

For more information on ticketing to the 2016 CrossFit Games, head to the Games website by clicking here.


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