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Top 10 CrossFit Moments in 2012

Top 10 CrossFit Games Moments in 2012

Top 10 CrossFit Games Moments in 2012

With 2012 coming to an end, we thought we’d relive some of the memorable CrossFit moments over the past year.

Both on and off the competition floor, the past 12 months was full of excitement and surprises in the CrossFit world.

Here are my top 10 CrossFit moments in 2012.

10. Mikko Salo Injures His Knee

Before the 2012 CrossFit season had even started, we had already lost of the crowd favourites, with 2009 Games Champion, Mikko Salo forced to withdraw from the CrossFit Open with a knee injury. The beast from Finland had been training as hard as ever in the lead up to the year, and his absence left a huge hole in Europe Region.

9. Chad Mackay Wins at Camp Pendleton

Chad Mackay

Chad Mackay

Dave Castro made a surprise announcement on the Monday before the 2012 CrossFit Games, that there would be an extra day of competition, with two gruelling events to be held at the military base Camp Pendleton. The first one was a 700 meter swim, 8 kilometer bike ride and 11 kilometer run through a mountainous terrain.

Few people thought the event would suit the build of a 6 foot man, weighing 200 pounds. However, Australia’s Chad Mackay proved most of us wrong, dominating the event from start to finish to be the first one over the line. The win set up a remarkable Games performance by Mackay, who led the Men’s competition for the next two days, before eventually finishing 9th overall.

8. Deborah Cordner-Carson Overcomes Her Fear

Deb Cordner-Carson was eliminated from the 2011 CrossFit Games in the opening workout, after failing to complete the 210 meter swim at Santa Monica beach. After the embarrassment and pain from 2011, Cordner-Carson put her fear aside and tackled an even tougher swim at Camp Pendleton to earn the Spirit of the Games award, and capture the hearts of CrossFitters across the globe.

7. Elizabeth Akinwale and Lindsey Valenzuela Finish Clean Ladder at Games

Max-effort ladders are one of the most exciting workouts for spectators during any type of competition. But the Clean ladder at the 2012 CrossFit Games was easily one of the most exciting workouts all year, with two females completing the entire ladder. First to do so was Lindsey Valenzuela, who broke the word record in the snatch ladder a few months earlier during the Regionals.

Despite suffering heat stroke right before the event and being put on a drip by doctors, the 25 year old charged through every rep-station setting a personal best in the process. Moments later, Elizabeth Akinwale did one better, completing the ladder and ripping through more deadlifts to win the event!

6. Team USA Wins First Ever CrossFit Invitational

For the first time ever, CrossFit announced an international event in 2012. Fittingly titled the ‘CrossFit Invitational‘, the event saw Team USA take on Team Europe in London. With the likes of Jason Khalipa, Matt Chan, Julie Foucher and Kristan Clever, Team USA was always going to be tough to beat and put in a blistering performance to win the first ever CrossFit Invitational. With the success of the 2012 event, we can expect to see the CrossFit Invitational return in 2013.

Chris Spealler: Will he retire in 2013?5. Chris Spealler’s Regional Heroics

Easily one of the most memorable CrossFit moments during the 2012 Regionals. Heading into the final three workouts of the South West Regionals Chris Spealler needed a miracle to qualify for his 6th CrossFit Games. He got one. After finishing 2nd overall in the 4th workout, Spealler then recorded a 10 pound personal best in the snatch ladder to set up a mouth watering final workout. Needing to finish 5 places ahead of Matt Hathcock to qualify for the Games, the CrossFit veteran did so completing the workout in 2nd place. Amazingly, Spealler defied the odds to become the only athlete to qualify for every single CrossFit Games.

4. Chris Spealler’s Retirement

With the sport of CrossFit still relatively young, retirements are not too common. However, in 2012 we said goodbye to one of the all time greats with Chris Spealler announcing his retirement. Soon after his Regional heroics, the veteran revealed that the 2012 CrossFit Games would be his last. While there are rumours Spealler might make a return to the competition floor in 2013, at this stage nothing has been confirmed and we can only assume the career’s of one of the all time greats is now over.

3. Julie Foucher Gives up CrossFit for Study

It wasn’t only the men’s competition that lost a top competitor in 2012. Just months after finishing 2nd in 2012 CrossFit Games, Julie Foucher dropped a bombshell on the CrossFit world, announcing she will be taking a break from the sport in 2013. The full-time medical student revealed she won’t be competing over the next 12 months to concentrate on her studies. Let’s hope she makes a return in 2014!

2. CrossFit Beats Anthos

2012 also saw CrossFit face the prospect of being ‘sold out’ for the first time ever. It all started when private investment firm Anthos Capital showed interest in buying Lauren Glassman’s (former wife of Greg Glassman) 50% stake in CrossFit. Plenty of rumours circled the CrossFit community about what would actually happen if Anthos bought a share in the sport.

While we don’t really know what could have, or would have happened, it was rumored that the sale would see the end of the affiliate model created by Coach Glassman. However, after months of lengthy court battles, Greg Glassman announced on November 15, 2012 that he had beaten Anthos and that he would buy his former partners share in CrossFit.

1. Back to Back Champions

The most memorable CrossFit moment in 2012 took place at the Home Depot Center in July, when Rich Froning Jr. and Annie Thorisdottir were crowned back-to-back CrossFit Games champions. After winning the 2011 showpiece, both athletes put in dominating performances over the week of competition to claim the 2012 titles. The burning question is, can anyone beat the, in 2013?

Do you have a memorable CrossFit moment for 2012? Let us know what it is by commenting below:

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