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Tumuora CrossFit: The World’s Most Isolated CrossFit Box

Rarotonga is the capital of Cook Islands. It is approximately 35 km in circumference with a population of Approx 10,000 people and home to Tumuora CrossFit.

The moment we departed the aircraft, the first thing that hit me was the humidity and the sight of jagged jungle covered mountains extending from the center of the island. The contrast of green and a cloudless blue sky was something I had never imagined.

The Cook Islands seemed like an unlikely place for a CrossFit box and is probably why it is the worlds most remote and isolated box.

Before my Wife and I flew out of Sydney, I was in contact with Olivia the affiliate manager, so I could asked for directions as the box had no address. She told me, “It will be on the left as you go from the Airport to your hotel. You can’t miss it!” She was not wrong, there is one main road that goes around the entire island and you can’t miss Tumuora CrossFit.

When I travel to new affiliates, I always sit aside and take a moment to see what the culture of the box is like. Although before I had a chance to sit and observe, the box regulars had welcomed into the fold, while the local children began calling my wife “Aunty” and myself “Uncle”. It was one of the most engaging and heartfelt welcomes I have ever experienced.

What struck me about Tumuora CrossFit was that it was not so much a CrossFit Community but a CrossFit family. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know the people of the Cook Islands, especially the family at Tumuora CrossFit.

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