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What to buy a XFitter For Xmas

Rogue Rope

Image Courtesy of Rogue Fitness

It’s that time of year again! Welcome to the 2011 Holiday season! It’s a fun but stressful time of year as we all struggle to find the perfect gift for friends, family members and co-workers. Even harder still is trying to find the perfect gift for a CrossFitter. So this year, we here at The Rx Review, thought we could offer a hand.

Over the next few weeks we will be offering suggestions and recommendations that may just put a smile on the face of that CrossFit friend or loved one. So sit back and relax because this year The Rx Review has got your back!

Today, we’re talking Jump Ropes!

Anyone that has been CrossFitting for some time will tell you a good jump rope is worth its weight in gold. I can’t tell you how much better my double-unders became after I tossed my thick Reebok rope in the trash and made the transition to the Ultra Speed Cable. Yes, it took me a few days to get the timing right but when I did it was so much easier than a traditional rope, I almost felt like I was cheating.

As great as the Ultra Speed Cable is, I recently upgraded to the Rx Custom Rope, which has since become my favorite rope to date. Over the years I’ve tried ropes from Nike, Reebok, Buddy Lee, Rogue and Again Faster but this one is my personal favorite.

At the end of the day choosing a rope is a kind of trial and error process, so what may work for me may not work for others. With that in mind we thought we would provide you with several options and let you choose from there.

Ultra Speed Cable

Ultra Speed Rope Sold by Rogue Fitness

Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope $15: This was the rope used to break the US National and World speed records. Like I said, this was a favorite of mine until I upgraded to the Rx Rope listed below. The good thing about this rope is you don’t need to worry about length. Whoever you gift this one to will be able to adjust the cable with a simple, flat, Phillips head screwdriver. At $15 this is the cheapest rope on offer and is a perfect stocking stuffer for the holiday season. You can purchase it through Rogue Fitness.

Again Faster Revolution Rope

Again Faster Revolution Rope

Again Faster Revolution Rope $24.95: This rope features a dual-core bearing for great spin and comes with a 10’ fully adjustable cable. Personally I have never used it, but from all reports it is an extremely fast rope and those who use it seem to swear by it. The fact it does have dual-core bearings means it’s going to spin well and really help when those shoulders get fatigued. You can purchase it from [Again Faster here]

Again Faster Rev Rope X

Again Faster Rev Rope X

Again Faster Rev X Rope $29.95: This rope is similar to the Revolution Rope with the same handles but the difference is the cable. The fact the cable is not wrapped with protective, plastic coating means there is less air resistance, making it the fastest rope in the Again Faster range. However, it should be noted this rope should not be used on abrasive surfaces. If you do use it on concrete or anything that does not have protective rubber matting, the braided metal rope will eventually start to fray and sparks will literally fly when it hits the ground.

I don’t need to tell anyone who has hit their legs while doing double-unders how painful that can be, add into the equation a frayed metal rope and all I can say is it’s going to leave a mark. That aside, the good new is Again Faster sells this rope with two cables, which means if one breaks you have a spare one ready to go. Friends of mine who use this say there is no other rope that can compete with its speed on the market today. You can purchase the rope from [Again Faster here]

Rope As Rx- Custom Jump Rope

Rope As Rx- Custom Jump Rope Sold by Rogue

Rope as Rx- Custom Jump Rope $34.95: Like I mentioned at the outset this is my favorite rope to date. The thicker handles mean it sits really well in my hand allowing me to relax my grip and shoulders. The only thing to consider is, as the name says this is a “custom” rope. So not only can you pick the thickness of the cable which will adjust your speed, a quick look at Rogues website shows there are a few measurements required.

This may prove to be a problem if you’re trying to purchase this for someone as you will need their height and measurements. If this is the case we recommend sticking with something listed above. Additionally, this is the most expensive of the ropes listed and something you don’t want to get wrong. Although, like I said it is my favorite so it’s up to you. If you do decide to pick this one up you can purchase it from Rogue Fitness.

From us here at The Rx Review team. Happy shopping!

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