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2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open 12.1: Where the Big Names Are

2012 reebok crossfit games open

Rich Froning Jr.

Well, it’s been a very successful start to the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open with more than 60 thousand athletes registering for this year’s global, online competition. Combined, all competitors completed more than 3.5 million burpees in 12.1 alone!

Over the past few days we have seen plenty of movement in all leaderboards, but as it stands, Scott Panchik and Danila Shokhin lead the men’s comp with 161 burpees to both their names. Last year’s runner up Kristan Clever leads the women’s half after completing 143 burpees in the 7-minute AMRAP.

While a few high profile athletes have already pulled out of this year’s event, including 2009 Champion Mikko Salo, who is apparently struggling with injury, there are plenty of other big names who have opened their accounts in the last week. Here’s a look at a few of them:

Men’s Comp

Rich Froning Jr. (2011 Champion) – 24th place, 141 burpees

Pat Barber

Pat Barber

Dan Bailey (2011 open winner) – 73rd, 138

Chris Spealler (3rd 2010) – 73rd, 138

Rob Forte (3rd Australia 2011) – 172nd, 134

Pat Barber (4th 2008) – 216th, 133

Blair Morrison (5th 2011) – 216th, 133

Jason Khalipa (2008 Champion) – 325th, 131

Matt Chan (4th 2010) – 395th, 130

Ben Smith (3rd 2011) – 564th, 128

Graham Holmberg (2010 Champion) – 1485th, 122


Women’s Comp

Annie Sakamoto  (9th 2011) – 8th pace, 135 burpees

Annie Sakamoto

Annie Sakamoto

Julie Foucher (5th 2010/11) – 8th, 135

Annie Thorisdottir (2011 Champion) – 42nd, 128

Amy Dracup (2011 Australian winner) – 42nd, 128

Rebecca Voigt (3rd 2011) – 105th, 123

Christy Phillips (6th 2010) – 139th, 122

Tanya Wagner (2009 Champion) – 962nd, 110

Caity Matter Henniger (2008 Champion) – 2067th, 104

There have also been some impressive starts by some of our ‘celebrity’ CrossFitters, with The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper registering 118 burpees, and Fitness Lonnie posting a very respectable 131 burpees to be 325th overall and tied with Jason Khalipa.

One notable omission from the leaderboard is last years runner up Josh Bridges. We spoke to his coach CJ Martin several weeks back and confirmed he was deployed at the time. Although there is still no word yet if he is in fact competing at this year Games.

In the meantime, get as much rest as you can, with WOD 12.2 to be announced in a couple of days!


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