Learning Strict Pull-Ups Before Kipping Pull-Ups?

In recent times there has been a lot of discussion about the importance of strict pull-ups in the functional fitness world, and weather or not members of CrossFit affiliates should be taught how to strict pull-up before they learn to perform kipping pull-ups.

A number of articles have been published in the past few months voicing various different opinions on the topic. Some argue that athletes should learn how to perform strict pull-ups first, to prevent the chance of suffering injuries that may be caused by the kipping pull-up.

On the flip side, others argue that the kipping pull-up is a natural movement, and should actually be taught to CrossFit affiliate members before they try to master strict pull-ups.

Either way, it seems the topic is one that is generating some interesting discussion within the CrossFit community. In a recent episode of ‘Offline’, an unscripted presentation filmed by CrossFit HQ, this particular issue is discussed in detail.

The host of the online show, Russell Berger, talks about the matter with guests Dave Durante, a member of USA Gymnastics’ 2008 Olympic team and a coach at CrossFit LIC; Carl Paoli, a coach at San Francisco CrossFit; Jacob Tsypkin of CrossFit Monterey; and Dan Pope, a physical therapist and author of FitnessPainFree.com.

Check out the 15 minute of the group discussing the issue in the video above.

John Michael Bric
John is a newsreader, freelance writer and Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. A contributing writer for the CrossFit Games and CrossFit Community websites, he is also a Regional Media Liaison for CrossFit Inc. When he's not training, he can often be heard reading breakfast news on the radio or trying to convince people that chicken burgers, french fries and beer are all Paleo.
John Michael Bric