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2014 Male & Female Top 30 Rankings

With the 2014 CrossFit Games now complete, we have once again crunched the numbers and updated ‘The Rx Review Rankings’ for individual male and female competitors.

Over the past three years, we have been regularly updating our Ranking charts, presenting what we feel is a fair analysis of the best functional-fitness athletes in the world.

We would like to make it clear that The Rx Review’s Rankings are completely independent, and are in no way linked to CrossFit HQ. The Rx Review’s Rankings also have no impact or bearing on any Event or Competition run by CrossFit, they are simply a points system created by us, ranking the top individual competitors across the world.

How The Rx Review Rankings Work:

We trawled through the results of the past eight CrossFit Games and came up with a points structure we believe is accurate.

Starting from 2007, top competitors in each year’s Games are awarded rankings points depending on where they finished, with winners receiving bonus points.

The point system stays the same for each CrossFit Games, but increases for every year after 2007. For example, a competitor who finished fourth in 2010 will receive more points than a competitor who finished fourth in 2008.

The system also includes the 2014 CrossFit Open and Regional results, but rewarded less points for top athletes. This is because there is essentially no major prize for the winner of the Open, and the level of competition compared to that of the Games is logically lower.

Next we added the 2014 CrossFit Games into the equation and once the final numbers were calculated, we removed any athletes who had been retired from the sport for over a year, and also deducted points for those who failed to qualify for this year’s Games for reasons other than injury or personal matters.

The parenthesise next to their current standing denotes the ranking each competitor had just after the 2014 CrossFit Games. If there is a (-), that indicates they were not within the top 30 prior to this.

In the end we came up with the following results for the 2014 Rankings:

                    Men                                     Women

 1.(1)  Rich Froning Jr.  310 
 2.(2)  Jason Khalipa  274 
 3.(4)  Ben Smith  202
 4.(6)  Dan Bailey  184
 5.(3)  Matt Chan  161
 6.(11)  Scott Panchik  138
 7.(9)  Neal Maddox  132
 8.(5)  Graham Holmberg  130
 9.(14)  Joshua Bridges  127
 10.(7)  Chris Spealler  126
 11.(-)  Tommy Hackenbruck  111
 12.(17)  Kyle Kasperbauer  110
 13.(18)  Kenneth Leverich  97
 14.(8)  Ben Stoneberg  92
 15.(22)  Austin Malleolo  84
 16.(9)  Chad Mackay  83
 17.(13)  Patrick Burke  81
 18.(20)  Lucas Parker  80
 19.(21) Albert-D Larouche  76
 20.(-)  Rob Forte  75
 21.(23)  Nate Schrader  72
 22.(16)  Mikko Salo   71
 23.(15)  Marcus Hendren  70
 24.(12)  Spencer Hendel   67
 25.(-)  Mathew Fraser  57
 26.(-)   Jordan Troyan  51
 27.(-)  Travis Mayer  48
 28.(26)  Aja Barto  44
 29.(-)  James Hobart   43
 30.(-)  Noah Ohlsen  40
 1.(4)  Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 246
 2.(2)  Annie Thorisdottir 240 
 3.(3)  Rebbecca Voigt 207 
 4.(5)  Julie Foucher 200
 5.(1)  Kristan Clever 177
 6.(9)  Elisabeth Akinwale 140
 7.(14)  Valerie Voboril 139
 8.(6)  Christy Phillips 138
 9.(7)  Samantha Briggs 126
 10.(10)  Talayna Fortunato 118
 10.(13)  Michelle Kinney 117
 12.(22)  Michele Letendre 109
 13.(18)  Jenn Jones  108
 14.(8)  Lindsey Valenzuela  99
 15.(19)  Kara Webb  94
 16.(11)  Lindsey Smith  80
 17.(20)  Gretchen Kittelberger  79
 18.(17)  Deborah Cordner-Carson  76
 19.(15)  Stacie Tovar  75
 20.(26)  Allesandra Pichelli  74
 21.(-)  Emily Bridgers  70
 22.(16)  Angie Pye  68
 23T.(-)  Anna Tunnicliffe  65
 23T.(-)  Dani Horan  65
 25.(-)  Emily Carothers  63
 26.(12)  Cheryl Brost  62
 27.(21)  Ruth Anderson-Horrell  60
 28.(-)  Amanda Goodman  53
 29.(-)  Tiffany Hendrickson   52
 30. (-)  Denae Brown  49

NOTE: The Rankings will be updated after every major event. i.e. the CrossFit Games. The Rx Review’s Rankings are completely independent, and are in no way linked to CrossFit HQ.

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