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2014 OC Throwdown Winners & Results

2014 OC Throwdown

Lindsey Valenzuela repeats as OC Throwdown champion (Credit: OC Throwdown)

As one of top competitive functional fitness annual events, the 2014 OC Throwdown didn’t disappoint.

Bringing together many of the sport’s top athletes to compete in 11 Events, The OC Throwdown included the return of 2012 Games runner-up Julie Foucher, some the sport’s fastest rising stars, and a horrific accident that is bringing the global CrossFit community together to support Men’s competitor Kevin Ogar, who was seriously injured at the event.

Since hearing of the news, numerous CrossFit affiliates, including CrossFit Invictus, and companies have pledged financial support to Ogar, who is medically uninsured. Over 1,500 people around the world have contributed to help with Ogar’s medical and recovery bills from his injuries sustained at the event.

Women’s Division

The top three Women’s finishers from the 2013 CrossFit Games competed against a number of the sport’s perennial top athletes, including Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Becca Voigt, and 2013 Master’s champion Amanda Allen.

Up and coming competitors in CrossFit Invictus’ Lauren Fisher and Torrance CrossFit’s Jamie Hagiya not only proved they belong by competing alongside some of the sport’s biggest names, but solidified the fact that Southern California remains one of the most competitive Women’s Region.

2014 OC Throwdown- Female Winners

2014 OC Throwdown- Female Winners (Credit: 2014 OC Throwdown Facebook page)

Top 5

  1. Lindsey Valenzuela
  2. Julie Foucher
  3. Samantha Briggs
  4. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
  5. Lauren Fisher

2013 CrossFit Games runner-up Lindsey Valenzuela bested Games winner Samantha Briggs and edged out Julie Foucher to repeat as OC Throwdown champion.

Despite three first place and three second place finishes in the weekend’s eleven events, Briggs’ 35th place finish in the Combine 2 event – which measured the athletes’ vertical jump, broad jump, 3 cone drill, and 20 yard shuttle time – was one of the few low performances in an otherwise strong showing for the 2013 Games champion.

With the 2014 Games season fast approaching, Julie Foucher doesn’t look like she’s lost a step – finishing in the top five for seven out of the weekend’s eleven events. Displaying a Rich Froning-like consistency, Foucher looks well-positioned to be a threat to Briggs, Valenzuela, and Annie Thorisdottir for the upcoming Games season.

Unsurprisingly, Valenzuela tied for first in the weekend’s strength event. What might come as a surprise is whom Valenzuela tied with, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet – one of the smaller, but pound for pound strongest Women’s competitors. Leblanc-Bazinet, known for her incredible Fran performances, finished in an expected first place in the weekend’s Frantastic event, where athletes performed Fran three times.

With strong finishes in the Diver Down event (10-1 burpees with a 25 meter swim in between) and the weekend’s final barbell-heavy chipper, Valenzuela overcame a 20th place finish in the Combine 2 Event, where Briggs also had her lowest finish.

Other well-known names competing at the event included Alessandra Pichelli (6th), Talayna Fortunato (8th), Kristan Clever (27th), and Miranda Oldroyd (28th).

Men’s Division

Without names like Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa, Dan Bailey, and Josh Bridges competing, the event gave a number of other athletes a chance to emerge before the 2014 Games season.

With four first place finishes during the weekend, Bisao CrossFit’s Julian Serna, who placed 11th at 2013 South East Regionals, finished as this year’s OC Throwdown champion.

Last year’s champion Kenny Leverich and NorCal CrossFit’s Garrett Fisher had strong showings at the event. Coincidentally, Fisher’s fifth place matched his sister Lauren’s place on the Women’s side.

2014 OC Throwdown- Male Winners

2014 OC Throwdown – Male Winners (Credit: 2014 OC Throwdown Facebook page)

Top 5

  1. Julian Serna
  2. Ben Garard
  3. Kenneth Leverich
  4. Will Moorad
  5. Garrett Fisher

With six top three finishes over the weekend, Australian Ben Garard looks to be in great form for the 2014 Games season. Garard finished first in the 12-9-6 squat clean (210#) and handstand push up event. While Garard was great at the weekend’s three final chippers, finishing in second, third, and second respectively; Serna was better, sweeping the final three Events to seal the OC Throwdown title.

Last year’s champion Kenny Leverich started fast by swimming fast, winning the weekend’s first event in the pool, but ultimately couldn’t keep up with the consistency displayed by Garard and Serna. Leverich finished second at Southern California Regional in 2013, trailing only Josh Bridges.

Wes Piatt, who qualified for the Games with a third place at Southern California Regional in 2013, finished in ninth place. This year, Piatt, Leverich, and Bridges will most likely compete with SoCal-newcomer Dan Bailey at Regionals for a spot at the CrossFit Games.

Other well-known names competing at the event included Jon Pera (13th), Spencer Hendel (15th), Jeremy Kinnick (27th), and Josh Golden (29th).

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