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Learning the Butterfly Pull-Up: Gymnastics 101

Today we will take a look at the butterfly pull-up, three common errors while performing the movement and changes you can make to improve your technique and efficiency. Before we start, we will assume you have adequate strength and mobility to handle the butterfly pull-up.

You should be proficient in your strict and kipping pull-up before learning the butterfly. Always work through the proper progressions and build a solid foundation to maximise your strength and to avoid injury.

butterfly pull ups gymnastic tips butterfly pull up

No. 1 – The most common error is broken body position, at the knee and hip. Learn to maintain a tight body with straight knees and open hips to produce more power.

No. 2 – We often see people dropping too low in their shoulders at the bottom of the swing, it’s not good for your shoulders. Remain active enough to allow for a smooth transition.

No. 3 – Missing the ‘tap’ at the bottom of the swing. By learning to change your body shape while remaining tight will give you the tap and momentum needed. The ‘tap’ requires you to pay attention to your body position; it is the motion going from superman to hollow to superman.

butterfly pull-ups gymnastic tips butterfly pull up

Make sure you spend plenty of time practicing positions on the floor, hanging (superman and hollow) as well as you transitions from position to position (the tap swing). Once you are ready, begin with a small butterfly motion and gradually build on the height until your chin eventually reaches over the bar.

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