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Mental Training for CrossFit: Focusing on the Right Things

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To stay focused, you need to know what to focus on!

We all know those situations where we spend so much time thinking about the same things over and over again – situations where we find it hard to let go of a thought.

Often, in these cases, we spend time thinking about things that are actually out of our control. Most people have a tendency to focus on what other people are thinking. Or what other people are doing.

Do you have times where you focus on what other people say, or do, or think?

Maybe you think about what other people are thinking of you in the gym? Maybe you focus on whether or not the coach thinks you are good enough? Or maybe you focus a lot on how the other CrossFitters in your gym perform during workouts? Are they better than you? Faster? Stronger?

There are many situations in our lives, were we focus on things out of our control. But by training yourself to be aware of these situations, it is possible to actually skip the step were it annoys you. So the thoughts might be there, but you will be able to tell them that it is out of your control – and by that – not focus on them.

When that happens, the magic happens – you will be in control of where your focus is. And when you are in control, full control, 100% control – you are able to optimize were to put your energy!

Focus on the Right Things While Competing

Focus on the Right Things While Competing

So, this is the technique:

To begin with you need to know the situation/thought that is bothering you, or that you find challenging. With that situation in mind, ask yourself:

Is this in my control or not?

If not, let it go. Remind yourself that this is out of your control.

Also remind yourself what you are in control of.

To make this even easier, make a list of all things in your control, and all the things out of your control. This way you become aware of where your focus should be. When you have a list of these things, you are more likely to remember them next time you pay attention to something out of your control.

First step is always awareness: Next step is change!

Make the list, then become aware of the situations where your thoughts are wandering.

Then, ask yourself:

Is this in my control or not?

If not, let it go, and remind yourself what you are in control of – visualize your list, pick a thing – focus on that.

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