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Review: RumbleRoller Massage Device


This week, we take a moment to review the RumbleRoller Massage Device.

Item: RumbleRoller Massage Device
Price: Large – $70 USD or $99 AUD, Compact – $45 USD or $69 AUD
Manufacturer: RumbleRoller
Purchase: Rogue/ 66fit

Deep tissue massage anyone?

Today we take a look at the RumbleRoller. Many of you may have seen this gladiator-weapon looking object at your local box, or even fitness stores across the world; but it isn’t for swinging and bludgeoning your opponents, its main battle is recovery and mobility.

The theory behind the Rumble Roller is that the bumps act as “the thumbs of a massage therapist” and knead the muscle rather than just rolling it, thus making it more effective than other foam rollers. The main goal with using the rumble roller is to stretch soft tissue in multiple directions (with the bumps) which will get rid of trigger points and knots and restore some of your flexibility.

Sounds great, right? Well how did it handle in our review?

The Good

It works – I train a lot and run into the same problems everyone else does with knots and tightness, especially in my upper back. I have found using the rumble roller on my back helps a lot to keep that area less tense. I find myself using the rumble roller every other day now – because it works!

The guide – You may feel a little lost when you first get the RumbleRoller, especially if you do not regularly work on mobility. There is a quick start pamphlet that comes with each RumbleRoller that helps you out. It is by no means an in-depth guide to mobility, but it has how to work a lot of the muscles that commonly need stretching and mobility.

Size – I own the small RumbleRoller and feel that is all I need, but I have also used the large rumble roller at affiliates, and they are both great. I was worried about the small RumbleRoller being too small to work areas like my back and legs, but I haven’t found that to be an issue. No doubt the large RumbleRoller is more “comfortably” sized for working large muscle groups, but the little one gets it done just fine.


The Bad

It hurts – I didn’t know whether to put this in the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ section. But you should know upfront that the RumbleRoller is not your average foam roller. The product states, “RumbleRoller’s bumps are firmer than muscle tissue, but much softer than bone, so they deflect out of the way if they contact your spine or other bony protrusions.” I am not sure if that statement is supposed to make me feel good, or scared. Either way, the firmness is necessary and something you adjust to, but it does hurt a bit at first.

Portability – I have been traveling a lot lately and I tried taking the mini-RumbleRoller with me…and that didn’t really work out. It takes up too much space in a backpack or suitcase and I don’t want to carry it around in my hand everywhere. Unless traveling by car, this is not something I recommend taking on any trips or vacations.

Price – $45 USD for the compact RumbleRoller and $70 for the full-size RumbleRoller. Maybe I am cheap, but that sounds a bit steep for me (I received mine as a gift for Christmas). I was using a large PVC pipe wrapped in foam before I got the RumbleRoller, so allocating $45 or $70 for a roller was not on my radar at all. However, that being said, they are competitively priced. Personally, I don’t think I would have purchased this for myself as a “must-have”, but it is certainly a “nice-to-have” product.

Note: There are two colors; blue and black. The black is firmer than the blue, and the blue is plenty firm.



Overall, I really like the RumbleRoller and would recommend it to any of my CrossFit friends. Not only is it good at relieving tension and tightness in most areas of the body, but it is also easy to use and safe.

When purchasing the product is is important to note the different firmness levels available and the size. Personally, I am a glutton for punishment, and I wish I had the black super-firm roller instead, which is more effective at getting into those tight and tense muscles.

I got accustomed to the blue firmness fairly quickly and now I think it is time for an upgrade. However, due to the price, i’m not sure if I will… and that about sums it all up!

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