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Review: SPUN Wrist Wraps

SPUN Wrist Wraps!

SPUN Wrist Wraps!

This week we take a closer look at a pair of wrist wraps from SPUN Performance.

Item: SPUN Wrist Wraps
Price: $20 USD
SPUN Performance

For years, I never used any type of wraps or lifting straps during CrossFit training. I used to see many athletes wear wraps, both at my box and during competitions, but I never felt the need to wear them, or even experiment with them.

Then one day I changed my mind.

After reading a few reviews, and hearing positive feedback about wrist wraps, I decided to give them a shot myself.

When it came to ordering my first pair, I decided to buy a pair from Rogue, as they are a reliable brand, and had good feedback from the public at the time.

Soon after I bought another pair, this time from SPUN Performance Apparel.

Here’s what I liked, and didn’t like so much about my SPUN Wrist Wraps:

SPUN Wrist Wraps!The Good

Ease of Use – Although they do take some getting used to, these wraps are extremely easy to get used to. Unlike some companies that use Velcro to hold the wrap on your wrist, SPUN Wrist Wraps use string to create tightness. Once you have the wrap strapped around your wrist, you can set the tension level by twisting it clockwise or anticlockwise. What I liked about these wraps the most is that the tension levels remained strong when I used them and don’t fade away during any workout.

Effective – Like many people, I was a bit skeptical about how effective strength wraps were. I often questioned the ability for a thin material to be able to offer so much wrist support. I thought, for wrist wraps to be effective, they needed to be more flexible, have some sort of elastic base in the material or have velcro. But I was wrong. These wraps offer support great support and give you more confidence when working out.

Cheap – $19.99. Enough said! These days, most leading brands charge around $25-$30 for a pair of wrist wraps. That makes these one of the cheaper options on the market (at time of publishing).

Style – While SPUN don’t have the wide range that some of the other wrist wrap companies provide, they do have five classic colours to choose from. Personally, I prefer a clean look when buying CrossFit accessories, so I went with the black design. Although the other options are also fairly good on the eye.

No Mess – As it has been mentioned in the past, tape and other supportive apparel can leave your hands sticky and gunky after peeling it off. With SPUN, you get no extra damage to you or your skin. The wraps come off easy and make the clean up process simple. I’ve put mine through the washer at least 10 times and they still look and feel like they did the first day I got them.

SPUN Wrist Wraps!The Bad

Versatility – For me, this is my major gripe for these wraps. Because of how much support they offer and how tight you can get them, I do not wear them during longer workouts. I use these wraps strictly for my strength sessions and shorter workouts. I’ve worn the wraps a few times during long WODs and I’ve found myself fidgeting with them because they were either too tight or too loose. After a while it distracted me more than it helped me. Personally, I feel these wrist wraps are more suited to strength sessions and shorter WODs.


Overall, I’ve had a positive experience wearing SPUN Wrist Wraps.

While I was a bit reluctant to try them at first, I have now changed my mind on wrist wraps and feel they can be a great product to add to your training bag.

For anyone interested in trying out wrist wraps, I would suggest buying a SPUN pair ahead of a Rogue pair. But that’s not to say Rogue make a bad product by any means.

With a $20 price tag, SPUN Wrist Wraps are great value and a worthy purchase for any CrossFitter.

SPUN Wrist Wraps!

Review by CC.


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