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2011 Male & Female Top 30 Rankings

How The Rx Review Rankings Work:

We trawled through the results of the past five CrossFit Games and came up with a points structure we believe is accurate.

Starting from 2007, top competitors in each year’s Games are awarded rankings points depending on where they finished, with winners receiving bonus points. The point system stays the same for each CrossFit Games, but increases for every year after 2007. For example, a competitor who finished fourth in 2010 will receive more points than a competitor who finished fourth in 2008.

The system also includes the 2011 CrossFit Open results, but rewarded less points for top athletes. This is because there is no prize for the winner of the Open, and the level of importance is a lot lower than the Games.

Once the final numbers were calculated, we removed any competitor who had retired from the sport, and also deducted points for those who failed to qualify for this year’s Regionals for reasons other than injury or personal matters.

In the end, we came up with these Rankings:

            Men                                       Women

 1.  Jason Khalipa  113 
 2.  Rich Froning Jr.  101 
 3.  Chris Spealler  91
 4.  Matt Chan  89
 5.  Graham Holmberg  85
 6.  Patrick Burke  78
 7.  Pat Barber  70
 7T.  Spencer Hendel  70
 9.  Ben Smith  65
 10T.  Dan Bailey  62
 10T.  Peter Egyed  62
 12.  Mikko Salo  61
 13.  Blair Morrisson  60
 14.  Tommy Hackenbruck   56
 15.  Austin Malleolo  53
 16.  Joey Warren  46
 17.  Jeremy Thiel  43
 18.  Chase Daniels  41
 19.  Brandon Phillips  40
 20.  Joshua Bridges  39
 21.  Josh Everett  37
 22.  Neal Maddox   32
 23.  Zac Forrest  29
 24.  Moe Kelsey   28
 25T.  Nate Schrader  27
 25T.   Breck Berry   27
 27.  Joseph Weigel   26
 28.  Rob Orlando   25
 29.  Chris Hogan   25
 30.  Sean Thomson   23
 1.  Kristan Clever   122  
 2.   Annie Thorisdottir   115 
 3.  Rebbecca Voigt  106 
 4.  Julie Foucher  93
 5.  Camille Leblanc-Bazinet   84
 6.  Lindsey Smith  74
 7.  Christy Phillips  72
 8.  Jolie Gentry  64
 9.  Cheryl Brost  57
 10T.   Tanya Wagner  54
 10T.  Samantha Briggs  54
 12.  Michelle Kinney  50
 13T.  Carey Kepler  48
 13T.  Angie Pye  48 
 13T.  Elyse Umeda  48
 16.  Stacey Kroon  47
 17.  Katie Hogan  40
 18.  Jenny LaBaw  36
 19T.  Amy Dracup  35
 19T.  Gretchen Kittelberger  35
 21.  Annie Sakamoto  32
 22.  Tamara Holmes  31
 23T.  Charity Vale  29
 23T.  Amanda Allen  29
 25.  Heather Bergeron  28
 26T.  Kelly Steadman  27
 26T.  Cherie Chan  27
 28.  Elisabeth Akinwale  26
 29.  Lindsey Valenzuela  24
 30.  Emily Bridgers  23

NOTE: The Rankings will be updated after every major event. i.e. the CrossFit Games. The Rx Review’s Rankings are completely independent, and are in no way linked to CrossFit HQ.

  • Hey, awesome job on putting in the time to do this.

    However, I still find these lists just names with numbers next to them. Do you think you could run through the point calculation of just one athlete, like Jason Khalipa for example, to give us an idea of how exactly the point system works?


    •  Hi KippingItReal,

      OK, so here is Khalipa’s breakdown. In 2008 he won the event and therefore earned 25 points. In 2009 he finished 5th overall and scored 26 points (winner scored 32 points), in 2010 he finished 16th and scored 20 points (winner scored 37 points), in 2011 he finished 7th and scored 34 points (winner scored 42 points), and he scored 11 points for his tenth place finish in this years Open (winner scored 20 points).

      His consistency over the years puts him in number one place. As you can see top performers earn more points for more recent events.

      Hope that helps, if you still need more of an explanation let me know!


      • Erick

        The breakdown makes total sense sense. It seems that Khalipa’s consistent performance across the Games got him the number one place.

      • Thanks for taking the time to clear things up, John!

        It’s pretty straightforward to me now. Like everyone else, I agree with Khalipa’s placing due to his consistency.

      • Khalipa is Mr consistency! There are always one or two beasts who appear out of no where each year, but Khalipa always seems to be there…

  • Oliver

    Is Josh Everett still competing?

    •  Yep – the workhorse competed in the Open this year, but unfortunately didn’t make the Regionals. Still posted some impressive scores however!

  • barefootrow

    Given crossfit is to improve the proficiency
    all modes of fitness, achievements outside crossfit should really be taken into
    account. i.e. a crossfitting American footballer who wins MVP in the NFL
    or other sport is probably one of the most effective crossfit users in the

    I realise this is practically imposable
    given the goals of crossfit to create functional fitness only counting crossfit
    is a little limiting.

    Unlike marathon training where it’s probably safe to assume the best marathon runner probably races and wins marathons, the best
    (or fittest) crossfitter on the planet may have a better use for that
    fitness than entering crossfit competitions.

    As far as competing crossfitters go though i think this is good. For those who are new ti crossfit this is a great way to build some knowlege on who to follow in the games.

  • I think Mikko, if not for bad injury runs would def be in the top 5 of the sport overall… I do not disagree with Khalipa @ 1, he is such a work horse.

    •  I think so too Sam. Mikko is an absolute beast of a competitor, but has been seriously hindered by injuries in the past two years.
      Shattered he couldn’t take part this year.

  • afto

    i don’t think 2007 and past results matter that much right now unless its an all time list…..

    • I agree with you James, which is why i awarded less points for performances in the 2007 Games compared to last years event.
      But i couldn’t disregard the performances all together, anyone who made the top 20 in 2007 still needs to be recognized in my eyes.

      • afto

        ah missed that part, sorry and thanks for doing

  • Crossfitjeremy

    I figured Annie Sakamoto would have been ranked a little higher.

    •  She’s a great competitor but only made the Games for the first time last year, and finished 72nd in the Open this year.

  • Jbreaks

    I think it needs to be from 2010 until now because i think this might look a lot different then

    • I know your point Jbreaks – to make sure i wasn’t including athletes who were only good five years ago, i punished any competitor who failed to qualify for Regionals this year. For example, if an athlete was on 40 points, but didn’t qualify for Regionals for reasons other than personal matters or injury, they were deducted five points. So in the end, they would end up with 35 points.
      I felt that it was too hard to ignore results before 2010, because the standard was still decent back then, just look at names like Spealler, Khalipa, Barber and you can see why.

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  • Timothy Donegan

    will you redo these after the games?

    •  Certainly will Tim Donegan…..

      It’s fair to say there will be many changes!

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  • Wing-TGH

    No Gabe Subry? What gives?

    • Ven

      His numbers were probably not good enough. He is a good athlete but numbers a are numbers

    • Gabe’s a great competitor, and made the Games the last two years. He finished 24th and 27th in those two years, and has qualified again However, using the formula described above, he just misses out on breaking into the top 30. By a few points.

      He did make the top 40, and after the Games this year he could easily find himself higher on the list!

  • Interesting to see the leaderboard after this season

  • I find it hard to give Froning the 2nd highest spot this early in his career.  Yes, he is steamrolling toward a second straight title.  But I would say that Spealler has had abetter overall career.  Which Froning WILL surpass but hasn’t yet.  There is a formula like this that predicts Hall of Fame Baseball players that is cumulative for certain milestones.  Froning hasn’t hit enough of them yet, but Lord have Mercy it sure looks like he will. 

    •  I see your point Blake, although Spealler never won two CrossFit Games Titles.
      Spealler has been an amazing athlete and competitor, which is why he is ranked 3rd, but he just hasn’t done quite enough in the past two years to displace Froning (even though he did a lot more than him in previous years).
      Khalipa is another great example of a guy who has dominated the sport for the past five years, and he deserves his place on top of the table (before the 2012 Games).
      But you’re right – I think Froning is going to dominate this table in years to come!

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