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Review: Reebok CrossFit Gym Bag

It was only a a few months ago when I was at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games, and was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the few Reebok CrossFit Gym Bag’s going around. With Reebok being the major sponsor of the event, athletes and media were provided a variety of products, one of which was the very sought after Reebok CrossFit Gym Bag.

Reebok CrossFit Bag

Reebok CrossFit Gym Bag

Over the last few years, CrossFitters have been searching for a gym bag that fits all their equipment. From weightlifting shoes, running shoes, ropes, tape, foam rollers, water bottle, grips, gloves, towels, food and everything else under the sun we carry to the box, we need something that could suit our needs. So it is no wonder when people saw that Reebok released a CrossFit specific gym bag they were excited.

However, since it release it’s almost like the bag has vanished off the scene. You can’t buy it online, you can’t find many pictures of it, and there are no reviews to be found.

Despite the fact it is current not available for purchase, we here at The Rx Review have still received several request to review the bag. Initially we thought why review a bag you can’t get? Although after receiving repeated request for us to review it, we thought what the heck, so produce this short review.

I will say since getting my hands on the Reebok CrossFit Gym Bag, I’ve used it every week, whether it be for training, or just as a travel bag for a weekend away and have been thoroughly impressed.

That being said, here are my overall thoughts of the Reebok CrossFit Gym Bag:

Reebok CrossFit Bag

The Good:

Slick Design - Reebok have certainly done a good job of making this bag look slick. With a nice, black colour, the bag has a simple, but classy. Up close, you can tell straight away that Reebok haven’t used any cheap materials. The bag is strong and sturdy, with double stitching, double zips on most of the pockets, and a strong shoulder strap.

Reebok CrossFit Bag Wet Pocket

Reebok CrossFit Bag Wet Pocket

Spacious – This bag definitely doesn’t lack any space. All up the design has 7 separate pockets as well as a huge open compartment. I’ve never managed to get this bag jam packed, even when I’ve gone away for a week long holiday. It easily carries everything I need for training, including a towel, extra pair of shoes, jump rope, foam roller, extra pair of shorts, t-shirts, singlets, a water bottle, Rocktape, hand care products, and supplements.

Comfortable – My previous gym bag used to really weigh down on my shoulder when it was close to full. However, when using the Reebok CrossFit Gym Bag, I barely feel the weight. The bag comes with a nice, padded, shoulder strap which reduces the amount of pressure being pushed down on your shoulder and neck. The bag also has a couple of hand straps you can comfortably hold onto for short and fast transportation.

Waterproof ‘Duffle’ Pocket - One of the best features of the Reebok CrossFit Gym Bag is the ‘duffle’ pocket on one of its ends. The pocket is a waterproof area where you can keep shoes, towels or other wet and sweaty clothes you have. Basically it’s a great place to keep all your dirty and smelly stuff to keep the odor and moisture away from the rest of the bag.

Reebok CrossFit Bag

The Bad

Too Big? – While we all like our gym bags to be big enough to carry all our CrossFit gear, this one might actually be too big. I know some people like to take half their wardrobe with them when they go to their box, however, I like to keep things simple. I rarely use up all the space inside the Reebok CrossFit Gym Bag when I train, and I feel the bag would be better if it was slightly smaller.

Not For Sale - Probably the biggest letdown. Reebok has done a great job of designing a really great product, but they have failed to make it available to the public. Right now (October 2012), you can’t buy it from their online store, and I’m yet to see it in any Reebok stores or other fitness shops. I could be wrong but from memory I do think it may have been for sale for a very short time on the shopreebokcrossfit site but it is currently not there. We are not sure if it will be available in the future, but for now, the only way to get one is to hit up someone who was at the Games this year, or find someone who works at Reebok and beg and plead them to hook you up.


All up, I really like the Reebok CrossFit Gym Bag.

I’ve never really been one to take a bag to training with me. I usually just leave all my gear in my car and grab it when I need to. However, since I got my hands on the Reebok CrossFit Gym Bag I’ve been using it almost every time I go for a workout.

Not only does it come with a really cool and stylish design, but it is also a very strong and sturdy bag that has a lot of storage space. In fact, too much storage space!

I like the bag so much I also use it as my travel bag. And unlike my previous bag, I actually don’t get embarrassed while picking it up off carousel at airports.

Despite the great design though, the bad thing is that it is still not for sale to the public, which is a shame because it is a great bag. Let’s hope Reebok change their minds on this one, because it is definitely a gym bag I would recommend for all CrossFitters out there.

  • afto

    glad you did it and maybe it will spark the response as why you cant buy it….thx

  • Nels

    Hope it goes on sale soon, sounds like a great product.

    • John Michael Bric

      Yeah Nels, I’m a big fan of it. I know Michael is iffy about it’s size, but I still like it!

  • Philip

    It would probably be too pricey for me anyway. I have been using the same under armour bag for a few years, so it may be time for a new one though. Jaco makes a really interesting gear bag. Check theirs out.

    • Michael: The Rx

      Might have to do that Philip. Thanks for the heads up.

  • ErickDiazSoto

    Looks nice, but it seems bulky.

    • Michael: The Rx

      Yeah I agree Erick. It is a little too big for me. I’m personally still looking for the perfect CrossFit gym bag and am yet to find it. When I do though I’ll be sure to let you know.

      • Ryan Lang

        have you seen the lifeasrx bag? a buddy at my box has it and it seems like a good size with some nice features. check it out :-)

  • Megan

    Yes I agree I’ve been searching for a Crossfit specific gym bag for both myself and my husband for a long time now with no luck yet.

    • Michael: The Rx

      I think it’s a problem most CrossFitters have Megan. We will keep searching for you though so stay tuned.

  • Shannon

    I’m still yet to find the perfect Crossfit bag. Considering this is not for sale and a little bigger than my needs I think I’m still looking. But thanks guys :)

  • Ryan Lang

    awesome looking bag! too bad it’s “unbuyable.”

    • Michael: The Rx


  • Jonathan

    There seem to be other Reebok CF branded bags on the site:

    • Michael: The Rx

      Thanks for heads up Jonathan

  • Chad_Anderson

    Yeah buddy I have a great tennis bag but one that fits all my CrossFit equipment has not been found. Yet ……… Great review though. Loving what you all are doing here at the RX

    • Michael: The Rx

      Thanks Chad

  • Stephanie

    Sounds like it’d be great to have but it’s probably super spendy!

    • Michael: The Rx

      The way Reebok CrossFit items are price Stephanie you are probably right.

  • Calogero Coco

    Looks nice and all but the DS Gear bag that I bought tops the cake as far as I’m concerned!

  • Jason Dimaio

    Is it small enough to work as a carry-on for flying?

    • Michael: The Rx

      Hi Jason! I’ve used it as a carry on it Australia and the US and never had a problem. So yes.

  • Ryan Conor Murstig

    These need to become available for sale!

  • Reuben Gonzalez

    I have been looking for a gym bag that fits all my equipment for years. Still no luck. Think the CrossFit Bag may have been great but considering it is not for sale guess the search continues. If you all find something please let us know.  

    • JA Cabello

      have you looked at the Datsusara Light Gear Bag?

      • Calogero Coco

        Best bag around.

  • Calogero Coco

    Guys/Gals you really need to check out the review on the Datsusara Bag I did. Worth every penny. Wouldn’t trade it for any bag even if it was free.

  • Martin Capriles

    have they released it? if so can i have a link to it. And if not, do you know when it might be released?

    • Michael: The Rx

      Not yet Martin. But they are releasing some equipment later in the month. Hopefully it will be out then

  • Pete

    When will the bag be released?

    • Michael: The Rx

      Spoke to Reebok the other day. Does not like there will be one till the Games and event then there is no word if it will be available for the public or just athletes.

  • Candace

    Hello, I was just wondering if this bag was out yet? Thanks!

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